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The feedback survey that keeps blow LTD’s freelancers happy

The gig economy has never looked so good. Discover how an on-demand beauty app grows by delighting its pros.

In a nutshell

  • ChallengeHow does an on-demand beauty app delight its freelance workforce of hair and beauty professionals?
  • SolutionA quarterly engagement survey asking its professionals how the company could improve.
  • Result12% increase in responses since using Typeform, and 31% more appointments completed per professional following improvements based on their feedback.

There’s an app for that

In a post-Uber world, you can get almost anything ‘on-demand.’ Crowds to show up at your last minute protest. Moms to review your website’s UX. The latest trend? Expert hair and beauty services you can book direct to your door through an app.

blow LTD has a squad of over 1,000 expert freelance beauty professionals across the UK. At the touch of a button they’ll come to your house, style your hair, manicure your nails—even give you a spray tan if that’s what you’re into.

The next step is to super-charge their UK growth and expand overseas by growing their ranks of skilled professionals—and keeping them happy.

Here’s how Typeform helps blow LTD delight its professionals.

The wig economy

For companies like Uber and Deliveroo, finding new workers is easy: make sure they have the right vehicle, run a few background checks, and they’re good to go.

But blow LTD can’t take anyone with a make-up bag and a pair of straighteners—they only accept the very best hair and beauty professionals. The talent pool is much more limited. So once a professional joins, it’s vital their career on the platform takes off.

And keeping their team of stylists happy isn’t just about the long term—it’s key to maintaining their 97% customer satisfaction rate.

Community Manager Lucy Polley sums it up:

A happy stylist means a happy customer.
Lucy Polley, Community Manager at blow LTD

So blow LTD are always asking themselves one question: how can we become a better place for professionals to work?

The answer: ask the professionals.

Putting feedback first

Every quarter Lucy sends surveys to blow LTD’s professionals using Typeform. Here’s one from last year:

Looks pretty good, right? They used a design theme that already matched their brand colors. No spray tan required.

The survey starts by asking stylists for a feedback rating. Then it presents a different follow-up question depending on the score given, using Logic Jumps. Right off the bat this makes the stylist feel more like they’re being listened to.

Even in their simplest form, the logic jumps are really, really effective. They make the survey feel more relevant to the person doing it.
Lucy Polley, Community Manager at blow LTD

The combination of branded design, responsive questions, and Typeform’s user-friendly UX has had an impact on the numbers too: response rate has increased from 29% to 41% since using Typeform.

Professionals are given options to choose which issues are most important to them. Then Lucy makes a report of the results and sends it to the team. All she has to do is share a link, which makes her life a lot easier—not everyone knows what to do with a CSV file.

I’ve tried other tools, but we need results that are simple to share and that communicate patterns clearly. The way data is presented in Typeform is really helpful and easy.
Lucy Polley, Community Manager at blow LTD

But collecting feedback is just the beginning. It’s what they do with it that counts.

Blow dry 101

One suggestion kept coming up in the responses: training opportunities. The blow LTD team found that stylists were keen for courses so they could expand their skills. Beyond being able to offer more services, stylists also enjoyed the sense of community from getting to know other freelancers.

So Blow Ltd set up more master classes to its academy off the back of the survey. And did it work? Once again—they asked the stylists.

The blow LTD academy truly was a life changing experience for me. I’d recommend the academy to anyone who wants to get their foot in the door with an amazing company that truly invests in us as professionals.
Mollie, Blow Dry Intensive Graduate

Courses are just one way Lucy and her team have responded to freelancer feedback. Overall, the feedback collected from surveys—and the changes as a result—helped increase the average number of appointments a stylist completes by 31% per year.

Ready to give your own feedback process a make-over? Here’s how blow LTD made their survey.

How did they do it?

1. Logic Jump

blow LTD’s survey responds to different survey scores with appropriate follow ups—so a low rating isn’t followed by an oddly chirpy response. Head to our Help Center to learn more about Logic Jumps.

2. Question Groups

No one likes a survey that feels like it’ll never end. So blow split theirs into topic-based chunks to make it easier to digest. Find out how to use Question Groups.

3. Custom design

blow LTD is in the business of looking good—so to reflect their brand, the survey needs to follow suit. As well as adding their logo to the Welcome Screen, they used a theme that matches their brand colors.

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