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The Welcome screen is the first thing your respondents will see when opening your typeform; it tells them about the identity of the author and the purpose of the typeform itself (a survey, a contact form, a quiz, a contest, a guest list …).

Like a book’s cover, a Welcome screen is the face of your content and a useful tool to entice your audience. That’s why we recommend you get all the juice out of the Welcome Screen builder to brand up your typeform as much as possible.

Welcome Screens can include:

  • Text, description and hyperlinks: if you add a URL either to your welcome text or description, we will automatically add a hyperlink to them.
  • An image, an animated GIF or a video: a logo, a picture, a commercial, a showreel, etc. See the article Add images, animated GIFs and videos for detailed information.

Example of a typeform with a Welcome screen:

How to skip the Welcome screen using the URL

In some situations you will do the “audience enticement” outside of the typeform itself, e.g in a mailing campaign or a blog post; therefore, you may need a way to skip the Welcome screen whilst maintaining it available in situations where you’re just sharing a link, e.g in a tweet.

The method is easy: just add the following string to the end of the typeform’s URL and … voilà! The Welcome screen will be skipped.


Test it using the above typeform:


If you are using Hidden Fields in your typeform, append the following string instead:

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