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We’re beavering away on the next version of Typeform. If you’re a v2 Beta Tester, use the tabs on the left to switch articles.

Your Reports

You created a beautiful typeform, shared it and got a high response rate. You’ve even found the data you collected in the Results table. Did you know we also offer an auto-generated graphic Report?

Why use your Reports?

As you start collecting data, your Results table is filled and can be easily exported. Your typeform also has its own auto-generated report, once you’ve collected a few submissions.

This Report has the same design and layout as the corresponding typeform. Your data is displayed using bars or the rating icons you selected, depending on the question type. It provides you and your audience with an easy-to-read, graphic overview of the answers to your survey, quiz or questionnaire.

So if your typeform looks like this:

…your results report will look like this:

Where to find your Reports

You can find the auto-generated report under the Analyze panel of your typeform, in the Reports section.

Your Reports 01

If you have a lot of open-ended questions in your typeform, you could export your results first, then use a statistical package or text mining application to analyze the content.

Share your reports publicly

These Reports work the same way as typeforms: they can be accessed in a web browser on any device with an internet connection – provided you have the URL.

The URL of the Report has a Unique ID (a randomly generated string of characters). By default, only those with editing rights to the typeform itself have access to this URL. This means that your respondents don’t automatically have access to your results. You’ll need to share the link to your report to make it publicly available.

Every report has a corresponding URL that you can use to share your results publicly. You will find the button to this link under the Analyze panel > Reports tab in the bottom right corner:


You can share the Report the same way as you share your typeforms:

  1. Send the link in an email
  2. Share your Report on social media sites
  3. Embed it in your blog or webpage. Follow the instructions in this article and just grab the embed code from the Share panel. Make sure you replace the typeform URL inside the code with the report URL!

If you use a Thank You screen to direct your audience to the Report, you have two options:

  • Add the plain text URL of the Report to the text of the Thank You screen
  • Use the redirect button on the Thank You screen for the same purpose.

All in one

Print your Reports

You can print your auto-generated reports or save them as a PDF. Please see this article for details.

Schedule regular email reports

You can schedule regular reports, and receive them via email, using Digest by Zapier. Read our complete instructions to setting it up for your typeforms.

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