How to monetize your Instagram using Typeform and Linktree

Instagram lead generation just got a boost: now you can embed a typeform directly into your Linktree. This means a better brand experience for your audience, and easy lead generation for you.

See it in action

First, your Instagram leads check out your linktree. As usual there are a few different links, and—oh, what’s that? A “What’s your skin type?” quiz. *Click*

Voilà, the quiz opens on the spot. Did you notice they haven’t left your linktree? This means lower bounce rates, which means more engagement per eyeball on average. With minimal friction, your lead will quickly get through the questions.

At the end of the quiz, they get their result, along with a tailored product recommendation—in this example, it’s the best skincare product for their skin type. Personalization like this improves your lead qualification, because it lets you learn more about your leads. You can then use that information in your next interaction. Speaking of next interactions…

Those who click the Ending screen button can then be sent to a sales landing page focusing on that particular product! And that’s how to use Instagram for business.

Of course, the respondent might not buy something right away. But that’s okay because skin care is important. That’s why CRM integrations to Square Online (and HubSpot and Mailchimp) are here to let you follow up, and make using Instagram for business easier.

Start your Instagram lead generation with Typeform now

Just follow the steps in this free tutorial template.

You’ll find simple instructions on how to add a typeform to your Linktree. Plus, it doubles as a Product Recommendation Quiz template, perfect to kickstart your own sales flow with Instagram lead generation.

The template is fully customizable to your own brand and products. Or you can completely scrap the quiz and create something else to make leads your way. There are no limits on what you could do.

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