Hidden Fields

With Hidden Fields, you can use information you already know about your respondents to customize your typeforms. Your respondents will experience a typeform that's tailored just for them!

  • Greet and thank respondents by their real names--no more "Welcome, Shopper!"
  • Prompt respondents to confirm their email addresses
  • Eliminate the "paperwork burden" for respondents by pre-populating information you already know
  • Ask questions about specific products that respondents actually purchased

You can even base Logic Jumps on Hidden Fields, so your typeform can do cool tricks like skip questions that aren't relevant for a particular respondent.

Hidden Fields are key-value pairs that contain information you already know about your respondents that you want to use to customize your typeform.

Values for Hidden Field variables come from parameters you add to your typeform's URL, not from information respondents enter in the Typeform. Hidden Field parameters are different from query parameters: they provide information the typeform is looking for, such as the first name to use in a personalized greeting. You can manually add Hidden Fields to the URL before sharing it or use your customer relationship management system (like Salesforce) to populate Hidden Fields data.

If you aren't familiar with Typeform's Hidden Fields concept, check out this Help Center article for an introduction.

NOTE: You are responsible for any information you share with Hidden Fields. Recording and transmitting identifying information, like email addresses, is prohibited by some services (e.g., Google Analytics). Make sure the way you use Hidden Fields stays within the laws of your country and the terms and conditions of any service you are using with Typeform.

Here's an example Hidden Fields array:

  "title": "This is a great typeform",
  "hidden": [
  "fields": [
      "type": "statement"
      "title": "Hello, {{hidden:name}}! :)"

In this example, the typeform will use the value from the name=VALUE parameter in the URL to create a personalized greeting: "Hello, {{hidden:name}}! :)"

hiddenarray of stringArray for declaring Hidden Fields variables.Required
fieldsarray of stringArray for configuring how your typeform will use Hidden Fields values.Required
{var(x)}stringVariables to use for customization.Required