How to make a Likert scale questionnaire

Want to get an accurate picture of how your customers are feeling? A Likert scale questionnaire could be the answer!

A Likert scale questionnaire contains a series of statements, inviting the user to respond to each based on how strongly they feel on a sliding scale. You’ve probably been asked these types of questions before. It’s become a very common way of assessing attitudes, performance, and more.

Likert scale questions are a great way to collect feedback on anything from customer experience to political attitudes. Human resources departments often use them to survey employee satisfaction. Here are some examples of Likert scale questions for surveys.


How to make Likert scale questionnaires with Typeform

We’ll now explain how to use Opinion Scale questions to create a Likert scale survey.

The Opinion Scale question allows people to respond to a question with a numeric answer. Likert scales generally range between three and seven points, but can be bigger. Our scale goes up to a maximum of ten. Using the Opinion Scale question you can create a Likert scale survey like the one here, which uses a five-point scale:

1. To make this Likert scale typeform, start by clicking or dragging the Opinion Scale option from the Questions menu.

Screenshot showing location of the Opinion Scale block

2. The Opinion Scale Question settings will now open. Type your first statement in the editing panel.

Screenshot showing how to edit an Opinion Scale question

3. Now choose the size of your scale using the Steps slider in the question settings. Likert scales always start at one, so flick on the Start scale at 1 switch. Turn on the Required switch, too, so the respondent can’t skip the question.

Block settings needed for a Likert Scale question

4. Use the Labels option to indicate the meaning of the two extremes and the midpoint of the scale. If you don’t want labels simply uncheck the toggle.

Screenshot showing how to add labels to an Opinion Scale block

5. Add as many Opinion Scale questions as you need, by repeating the above process. Click the Save typeform button once you’re done.

Screenshot showing Opinion Scale blocks added to Likert Scale typeform

6. You can end with a simple Thank You Screen, or use different ones depending on how a respondent answers. You’ll need to use the Calculator feature on each Opinion Scale question to keep score. Adding Logic Jumps to the final question will allow you to show different Thank You Screens depending on the score. To start this process, click on the Calculator button in the Question settings of your first Opinion Scale question.

Screenshot showing the location of the calculator button in Block settings

7. After clicking the Add a calculation button in the window that pops up, it’s time to add in the calculations. Our scale has five points so we need five calculations. We need to add a score for each possible answer to match the number the respondent selects in the scale. This is shown in the image below. Repeat this process for every Opinion Scale question.

Screenshot showing how to add calculations

8. Now, for the Logic Jump (go here if you need a reminder of how these work). A respondent with a high score will be mainly agreeing with our statements, whereas a low score means disagreement. Let’s create three Thank You Screens: one for high scores, one for middling scores, and the last for low scores. Select Thank You Screen from the Questions menu and enter the text you want to appear. Repeat this for all three Thank You Screens, as shown here:

Screenshot showing how to add three Thank You screens

9. The lowest possible score with our typeform is three (1 x 3), and the highest is 15 (5 x 3). Let’s set the logic so that anyone scoring five or less disagrees. From six to ten is neutral, and eleven or above is positive. So on our final Opinion Scale question, we should add the Logic Jump shown below. To reach this menu, highlight the final Opinion Scale question, click the Logic Jump icon in Question settings, then click the Add a Logic Jump button..

Screenshot showing how to add Logic Jumps to Likert scale questionnaire

That’s it! Now you can go ahead and Share your Likert scale questions with people to find out their feelings towards things.

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