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Typeform vs. Google Forms: Which should you choose? [2024]

Typeform and Google Forms are form builders that collect vital business data. Read our in-depth Typeform vs. Google Forms comparison to make the right choice.

Woman sits at laptop comparing Typeform to Google Forms.

When it’s time to collect customer data, you might compare Typeform vs. Google Forms to decide which platform is a better fit. You want to create forms that not only capture responses but do so with flair. So, which form builder deserves your trust?

Keep reading for our in-depth comparison of these two form builders, covering everything from design capabilities to data collection to app integrations, so you can make the best choice for your business.

Typeform vs. Google Forms comparison

Typeform is the ultimate form builder for anyone looking to create visually appealing and engaging forms that align with your brand. Google Forms can get the job done in a pinch, but Typeform offers a broader range of capabilities and sleek design options to create visually stunning forms.

87% percent of polled users say that Typeform helps them derive deeper insights from the data they gather.* Typeform offers superior customization, allowing you to create forms and surveys that perform better, gather more data, and help you make more effective business decisions.

Google Forms is a free form-building tool that can bring your form to life simply and quickly. However, it doesn’t offer the level of customization or the wide array of use cases that Typeform customers value. 

Check out our at-a-glance guide to how Typeform compares to Google Forms, and keep reading for a deep dive into how these two tools compare.

Typeform vs Google Forms

  Typeform Google Forms
Image layout customization X
Designable and customizable welcome screen and thank you pages X
Mobile responsiveness
Integrated professional photo, video, and icon libraries Photos need to be uploaded or imported from Google
Add icons from Noun Project, videos from Pexels, photos from Unsplash X
Custom subdomains ✔* X
Compliant with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and WCAG 2.1 HIPAA-compliant only
Ability to sync data with other forms X
Data Analysis
Question-by-question drop-off analysis ✔*
API and webhooks
Ability to generate a report on surveys/forms
Live support team ✔* X
Help center
Community forum
Online resources
*Available for paid plans only

Beautiful design capabilities

Typeform’s beautiful, well-designed forms make users want to answer your questions, meaning more data for you and a lasting impression left on them. With Typeform, you have the freedom to customize nearly every aspect of your form—all without touching a single line of code.

On the other hand, Google Forms falls short on design capabilities. It offers limited options for altering header images and customizing fonts, resulting in a uniform look across all Google Forms. You’re limited to 17 Google Form templates, and you’ll need to upload any other assets you’d like to use.

Typeform’s customization capabilities level up your forms, with 3 out of 4 customers saying Typeform has helped them achieve higher completion rates.* You can easily edit background images, fonts, and layouts—all with the comfort of knowing your typeform will look amazing and work well on any device. With Typeform, there’s no shortage of creative inspiration with premium themes, custom brand kits, and 3,000+ templates at your disposal. Add in assets seamlessly with our rich multimedia library, too.

This level of customization makes your typeforms stand out, helping you accomplish more with less effort.

User-friendly interface

Creating forms should be a breeze, and Typeform does just that. Our wide array of intuitive and easy-to-use features make your life easier—and 92% of users agree.*

Our form builder guides you through the process of creating and customizing your typeform with helpful tips to boost accessibility and follow best practices for maximizing response rates. Typeform is also WCAG 2.1-compliant, ensuring your forms are accessible to everyone. 

Typeform also supports multiple users collaborating on a form simultaneously, so your entire team can stay in the loop and contribute to the project.

While Google Forms offers simplicity, its use cases are more limited. Typeform may be a better option if you value an easy-to-use tool where you can create beautiful, on-brand forms.

Optimized data collection

Once your typeform is out in the world, understanding its performance is key. With question-by-question drop-off analysis and UTM campaign tracking capabilities, you can see where your respondents are coming from and focus on your most effective channels. These features also highlight where respondents are losing interest so you can optimize your typeforms accordingly. 

Both Google Forms and Typeform offer respondent progress insights, API and webhooks, and conditional logic to help you gather more actionable data.

However, Google Forms doesn’t offer campaign tracking, making it more difficult to dive into real-time analytics and adjust live forms for better data collection—and business decisions.  

Data compliance and privacy are top of mind for many respondents, too. Only Typeform is PCI- and GDPR-compliant, so users know their data is safe.

Quality integrations

Your forms should fit seamlessly into your existing workflows. Typeform has 120+ integrations with top apps from your existing tech stack. This makes switching to Typeform a breeze, so you can collect up to 3.5 times more data.*

Google Forms has third-party integrations that allow you to connect your form to some commonly used apps. But Google Forms’ integrations don’t support some popular tools, including:

  • Zapier

  • DocuSign

  • Dropbox

  • Canva

  • monday.com

If you’re ready to make the switch, Typeform even has a Google Forms integration, so you can import your Google Forms and get to transforming them into typeforms in no time.

  Typeform Google Forms
Google Sheets ✔*
Mailchimp ✔*
Zapier X
Slack ✔*
Salesforce ✔*
Hubspot ✔*
Zoom ✔*
DocuSign X
Adobe Sign ✔*
Dropbox X
Canva X
Notion ✔*
monday.com X
*Available via third-party integration

Dependable support

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Typeform’s comprehensive help center is filled with guides and videos to kick-start your forms or surveys. For our paid plans, our live support team is available around the clock to tackle any questions that come your way.

Google Forms also has a help center where users can seek assistance from Google community members or open a support ticket via email. 

Typeform takes the lead when it comes to enterprise-level support, with VIP priority support exclusively for enterprise members. For prompt, tailored assistance, Typeform is on call to ensure your business’s success.

Value for money

While Google Forms offers a single free plan with no upgrade options, Typeform has five plan options, including a free plan. Even at the free tier, Typeform offers superior design and customization capabilities so you can still leave a lasting impression on your respondents. 

Beyond design capabilities, our free plan is also WCAG 2.1- and GDPR-compliant, sync with other typeforms, and allows you to create fully customizable welcome and thank you pages.

For something a bit more comprehensive, Typeform’s paid plans far outpace Google Forms’ capabilities. Unlock the ability to accept payment, create custom subdomains, track UTM campaigns, and access VIP priority support. These features give you all the tools you need to dive into deeper insights and join the 85% of users who trust Typeform to gather business-critical data.*

Typeform vs. Google Forms: Choosing the right form builder

Typeform is a powerful alternative to Google Forms that’s perfect for businesses looking to dig deeper into data. Elevate your forms with designs that not only align with your brand but also boost completion rates by up to 34%.*

If you want to foster a superior respondent experience, kick-start your journey with Typeform today.

*This data comes from internal Typeform users polled.

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