What is Logic?

Want to add question branching, forks, or conditional questions to your typeform? You need Logic.

Note: Logic isn't available on our mobile builder just yet. Edit your typeform on desktop to get the full power of Logic!

Logic lets you create a typeform that responds to people’s answers. Respondents never have to skip irrelevant questions — because with Logic, they’ll never even see them.

It’s also a great way of segmenting your audience, and making the experience as easy as possible for them. The results? Higher completion rates, through a more personal, human experience for your respondents.

Let’s say you want to survey animal lovers. We’d start with a question like, “Are you a cat or a dog person?” But we don’t need dog lovers to see questions about cats, or cat lovers to see questions about dogs:


With Logic, we can show cat lovers one set of questions, while dog lovers see another.

Start by preparing the first Multiple Choice question, and then the two Question Groups, one for cat questions and one for dogs:


Click Logic in the side panel on the right, then select Branching and calculations:


Now, simply set up one Logic that says If “Are you a cat or a dog person?” is “Cat”, then jump to Cat questions, and another similar one for Dog questions.

This is what your Logic setup will look like:


Of course, you can do much more than divide people into cat or dog lovers!

If you’re using calculations to keep a score, you can show your respondents different questions or statements depending on their score.

You can set up lots of paths, too. With a Multiple Choice question, you can create different paths for each answer. Logic is very flexible, so you can be creative with it.

Here are more examples of when to use Logic:

Tips for building with Logic

Map out your typeform on paper before you start, like the photo of the cat/dog survey above. It can be really helpful to draw the structure of your typeform before you begin, especially if it’s going to be complex. Use your new Logic skills with our survey maker and form builder. Wondering how to ask? Check out our survey questions and employee engagement survey questions guides.


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