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Typeform vs. Qualtrics: Which is better? [2024]

Typeform and Qualtrics are tools that help users create surveys for research. Read our Typeform vs. Qualtrics comparison to learn more about these two platforms.

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Are you looking for a way to create and share engaging forms online? Typeform and Qualtrics are two top-tier options that help you conduct market research, survey your customers, and make other informed business decisions.

In our Typeform vs. Qualtrics comparison, we’ll discuss the main differences between these two tools and their capabilities so you can choose the right form builder for your research.

Typeform vs. Qualtrics Comparison

Typeform and Qualtrics are two platforms that allow users to launch forms and surveys to collect and analyze survey data. These two tools seem similar on paper, but their pricing and use cases are quite different.

Typeform is an affordable option, focusing on beautiful and conversational forms users actually want to complete. Qualtrics offers in-depth data analysis, but it’s more complicated to set up—and pricing is only available by request.

In this post, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty and explain all the differences between Typeform and Qualtrics to help you make this critical decision.

*Available for paid plans only
  Typeform Qualtrics
Image layout customization
Designable and customizable welcome screen and thank you pages X
Mobile responsiveness
Integrated professional photo, video, and icon libraries X
Add icons from Noun Project, videos from Pexels, photos from Unsplash X
Custom subdomains ✔*
Compliant with PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and WCAG 2.1
Ability to sync data with other forms X
Data Analysis
Question-by-question drop-off analysis ✔* X
API and webhooks
Ability to generate a report on surveys/forms
Live support team ✔*
Help center
Community forum
Online resources

Elevated form design

Typeform’s customizable brand kits ensure your forms stay on-brand for a consistent, professional look. On the other hand, Qualtrics lacks internal asset libraries, making it more difficult to create personalized, on-brand survey designs for your projects.

Typeforms also support video assets, which you can find in our internal libraries or add yourself. Choose from internal image and icon libraries for unparalleled customization capabilities. Typeform also works across all devices and has over 3,000 form and survey templates to help you get started.

Comparatively, Qualtrics forms have much fewer design capabilities. It offers the basics you need to personalize form structure, but you’re very limited in question types with a free plan (eight of the 22 available). On the other hand, Typeform has 23 question types you can use with any plan, so you can gather all the data you need with any Typeform plan.

Adaptable, user-friendly features

Both Typeform and Qualtrics offer comprehensive data analysis and the ability to build forms using logic. But Typeform stands out with our user-friendly form builder that’s quick to learn and use, even for those without coding experience. Plus, we support over 120 integrations, so you can use tools you’re already familiar with to create more detailed reports. You can also easily connect multiple typeforms to draw deeper data insights or route users to different forms for a tailored respondent experience.

Qualtrics features allows users to dive deep into data analysis, but the typical user may find its interface more difficult to work with. It offers a plethora of in-tool features like advanced PDF reports, but the steeper learning curve means users often need to devise creative solutions to get the full potential of Qualtrics’s capabilities. Unlike Typeform, there’s no built-in way to connect multiple Qualtrics forms if you’re working on a larger project.

Powerful data insights

Typeform and Qualtrics both have the potential to unlock powerful data. Typeform works seamlessly with current tools to analyze more data with less effort. On the other hand, Qualtrics users need advanced technical knowledge to unlock this tool’s full capabilities.

Typeform takes pride in our extensive array of in-tool capabilities, so users can elevate their forms without any coding experience. With 120+ integrations, typeforms integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack. Comparatively, Qualtrics is less user-friendly and has fewer integrations, which means not everyone will be able to take full advantage of its features.

Qualtrics is a very data-focused tool with many capabilities, but it’s not as easy to use as Typeform. If you have extensive technical knowledge or advanced data skill sets, you might like the freedom to create advanced data reports. But less technically savvy users might find Qualtrics too confusing to take advantage of all its features.

Easy integrations

If you’re looking for a tool that has seamless integrations with your current tech stack, look no further than Typeform. We have over 120 helpful integrations that make working Typeform into your team’s workflows easier.

In contrast, Qualtrics doesn’t have as many integrations and it lacks key integrations that Typeform offers, including:

  • Google Sheets

  • Mailchimp

  • Zapier

  • Zoom

  • DocuSign

  • Adobe Sign

  • Dropbox

  • Canva

  • Notion

  • monday.com

Integrating Typeform with your current tools is made even easier with our top integrations. Check out how Qualtrics’ integrations compare to Typeform's below.

  Typeform Qualtrics
Google Sheets X
Mailchimp X
Zapier X
Zoom X
DocuSign X
Adobe Sign X
Dropbox X
Canva X
Notion X
monday.com X

Reliable support

Qualtrics and Typeform have similar support options. Both tools offer live support and help centers where users share advice and tips. Qualtrics also offers live chat, but it isn’t available 24 hours a day or on weekends. 

Typeform’s help center covers various topics, whether you're looking to resolve a specific question or want to gather some general tips. With paid plans, we offer VIP support when you need some one-on-one attention.

Unlocking value

Both Typeform and Qualtrics have free plans, although Qualtrics is significantly limited. Here's what you get with Qualtrics’ free plan:

  • Access to eight question types

  • Only 30 questions per form

  • Ability to create only three active surveys

  • Limited access to data analytics

  • Limited access to survey logic

  • Can only send 500 emails total; 100 per week

Typeform’s free plan offers you more, including:

  • Unlimited forms

  • Unlimited questions

  • Full access to survey logic

  • Full access to all question types

  • Unlimited follow-up emails 

When you want to upgrade, it’s easier with Typeform. Typeform’s basic plan starts at just $25 per month, and the free plan gives you a much better idea of the full tool compared to the Qualtrics free trial, which is very limited. Qualtrics's pricing is also only available upon request, making it more difficult to upgrade as needed.

Typeform: A top Qualtrics alternative

When you need to create forms and gather data—without spending weeks learning a complicated tool—Typeform is the top choice for beautiful and conversational no-code forms. 

*This data comes from internal Typeform users polled.

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