Understand your big picture results insights

The Insights section gives you a big picture overview of your typeform's performance, and a question-by-question analysis of drop-off.

This article gives you tips on how to understand your big picture overview. For more information on understanding your question by question data, check out this article.

To view your Insights, just head to the Results panel after opening your typeform.



You can filter your insights by time and/or device.



Filtering your insights will only show the insights collected in the time period and/or device(s) you chose. The date filter uses UTC to filter results.

Note! You can only filter back to a period of one year, so if your typeform was created more than a year ago, you'll only be able to filter back to one year before the current date.

Big picture insights

The Big picture shows you Views, Starts, Submissions/Responses, Completion rate, and the Average time to complete.

Note! It is currently not possible to reset the response counter, and deleting existing responses doesn't reset Views and Starts. As a workaround to restart the counter from zero, you can duplicate the form and start collecting responses there.

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