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AI-powered features built to make you work smarter, not harder. Do more with your responses. Enable view-only. And more. See the new features in our upcoming webinar.

Let AI do the heavy lifting

Smart Content Optimization

Write better questions

Typeform’s AI will suggest the best way to ask. In a single click, Typeform will generate better questions for better answers.

Create Wizard Coming Soon

Auto-generate branding and questions

AI can pull design elements from your website and suggest integrations based on your use case. All you have to do is publish.

Turn data into action faster

Conditional Follow-up Coming Soon

Return the favor with a personal touch

Segment, personalize, and automate follow-up emails without ever leaving Typeform.

Mailchimp v2 Setup

Segment and send responses to Mailchimp

With our updated Mailchimp integration, when someone fills out your typeform, they'll be automatically segmented and added to the appropriate list in Mailchimp. Make lead nurturing faster (and better).

Collaborate more efficiently

Organization Viewer Seat

View-only access granted

Deliver forms and workflows faster without sacrificing security. With SSO, all employees in your company can be added as a Viewer.

Workspace Viewer

Easily discover workspaces

Browse any and all workspaces in your organization, and request to join them instantly.

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