How a typeform helps speakers find their voice—and gets tons of leads

Professional speaker Grant Baldwin kept getting asked the same question: “How much should I charge for a gig?” His answer got him thousands of leads.

In a nutshell

  • ChallengeHow could a speaking coach reach a wide audience interested in their courses and products?
  • SolutionA typeform that calculates how much a speaker should charge, and also collects their email address.
  • Result50k qualified leads.

A speaker finds his voice

When Grant Baldwin headed off to Bible college, little did he know he’d taken his first step to earning over $2 million from speaking in public.

After training to become a youth pastor, Grant quickly realized that he had the gift of the gab and it wasn’t long before he swapped the pulpit for the podium.

“The very first thing that I got booked and paid for was a small conference in Missouri where we were living at the time,” Grant said in the first of his 200+ Speaker Lab podcasts.

I drove up, spoke once, and they paid me a thousand dollars. And this was mind-boggling for me. I thought: you just paid me $1,000 dollars to run my mouth for 45 minutes when to me it was just pure fun?
Grant Baldwin, Speaker Lab

With that, Grant created the Speaker Lab website, started marketing himself as a public speaker, and embarked on a journey that would see him:

  • Break $2 million in revenue from speaking and product sales

  • Speak at more than 400 events to a total of over 350,000 people

  • Sell 30,000+ copies of his self-published book

Here’s how a typeform helped his voice reach a new audience.

The science of speaking

“I’ve had a lot of people reach out and say, Grant, I’ve seen what you’ve done with your speaking business, how do I do that? How do I get booked? How do I get paid?” he said.

So Grant started doing some webinars and trainings. He created a couple of resources and tools to help people follow in his footsteps (mouthsteps?).

One of his most successful tools is his Speaker Fee Calculator typeform. So far, the tool has helped more than 50,000 people calculate their speaking fee–and he’s now able to promote his business to this huge new audience thanks to the leads it captures.

“One of the most common questions we get from speakers is ‘how much should I charge to speak?'” said Grant.

“There’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer as there are a lot of variables involved. So we put the Speaker Fee Calculator together as a way for someone to get a rough idea of what they should charge for a gig.”

Building a 50K lead magnet

Grant’s typeform has eight questions. He asks would-be speakers about themselves and the event, then the form calculates how much they should charge based on their answers.

“We started by thinking of all the variables that affect a speaking fee, and by how much,” he said. “Then we tried to think of what that math would look like on the back end of the typeform.”

The form uses Typeform’s Calculator feature to add an amount to the overall score each time someone answers a question.

And as well as helping speakers find their voice, Grant’s typeform is helping him to grow his business. Since launching it in May 2017, the fee calculator has collected more than 50,000 email leads for the Speaker Lab.

It’s a lead magnet for us. We point people to, which redirects to the typeform. They complete it, then it asks for their email to see their final fee.
Grant Baldwin, Speaker Lab

He added: “We currently use Drip for email. So when someone opts in, it triggers an email sequence that invites them to other parts of our business.”

Getting it out there

So how did Grant encourage so many people to use the calculator and give their email address? Simple: he linked to it from Speaker Lab’s popular content.

“We have some popular blog posts about speaking fees that get a lot of traffic, and we also do a lot of webinars where we use this tool and ask people to complete it while on the webinar,” said Grant.

We’ve got excellent results. It’s been a great tool and a great free way for people to interact with our business and get a personalized answer to a common question speakers have
Grant Baldwin, Speaker Lab

Let’s take a look at the Typeform features he used to turn his fee calculator into a lead magnet.

How did Grant do it?

1. Welcome Screen Grant kicked off his fee calculator typeform with a striking customized Welcome Screen. He added the Speaker Lab’s company logo and changed the button text, too.

2. Calculator The Calculator feature adds a different amount (in dollars) to the person’s ‘Score’ depending on the answers they give to each Multiple Choice question.

3. Customized Thank You Screen After people leave their email address, the total price the speaker should charge is displayed in the Thank You Screen by adding the Score variable with the Recall Information feature.

Grant then uses the Redirect to URL option (Professional feature) to send the person straight to his site to schedule a session with him.

4. Drip integration Once someone has completed the Speaker Fee Calculator, their contact details are instantly sent to Grant’s email marketing tool, Drip. This can be done with Typeform’s Drip integration.

What else does Grant use Typeform for?

Grant has created more than 70 typeforms to help grow his business. Besides using the Speaker Fee Calculator he also uses Typeform for things like:

Inspired? What to do next

Why not adapt Grant’s idea and use it to create a helpful, interactive lead generation tool to bring customers to your own business? Here’s some more stuff to help you out:

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  • To start building your own form now, check out our lead generation form templates.

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