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How to collect customer feedback?

Customer feedback should be asked for at regular intervals either after purchase or contract has been completed or after a set amount of time. For on-going services, generally feedback is requested after the first month and then after three months, in the case of retail, post-purchase is always an option, and customer service surveys are great to measure the effectiveness of your customer support.

Businesses should try to make customer feedback concise and quick. It’s important to consider that you are asking something additional from your customer base, so it is, therefore, the job of the business to make these forms as engaging and as entertaining as possible. So, it’s advisable to use online forms and avoiding word docs or spreadsheets.

Tools and feedback forms that make the process simple, quick and engaging will improve both completion rates and customer experience.

Why collect customer feedback?

Organizations with a successful business model rely on feedback to inform both their current and future operations.

By giving businesses a better understanding of their customers’ needs and wants, simple feedback forms are generally considered one of the most valuable data sources businesses can get. Gathering customer opinions through forms and surveys allows business owners to predict how likely customers are to return, i.e. customer retention, and how likely they are to recommend your service or product to others.

In addition, these forms can help direct future developments to your business by highlighting missing product features or services customers would like.

What’s the importance of customer feedback?

Growing your business? You won’t be growing anywhere without your customers. Ask for feedback on a regular basis, and—if done well—you’ll create a constant stream of new opportunities. Never assume what people want—you’ll only solve a problem that exists in your mind. Or you might aim a solution at the wrong people.

That’s what happened to Morgan Ranieri. Morgan used customer feedback to discover that his online grocery customers (young moms with a couple of kids) didn’t match his assumed customer demographic (young professionals).

Customers are the foundation of any business—and with their feedback you’ll avoid using jello as cement.

What questions lead to quality customer feedback?

Customers don’t want your product—they want help making their lives better. Your questions should encourage customers to share how they want to make progress. Solutions come and go, so find out what you’re competing with: “Can you tell me about the other solutions you’ve tried?” and “What did / didn’t you like about that solution?” The responses could give you a eureka moment.

Ask questions that measure emotions over numbered scales (think Facebook’s range of post responses). Don’t go overboard or they’ll be really bored. And a thank-you goes a long way. Typeform has a great Thank You screen feature— show your gratitude.

How can Typeform help customers engage with feedback?

Think about all the customer feedback you’ve given. Screens stuffed with text—where’s the exit button? Smiley push buttons—is that all my opinion’s worth? Typeforms are different. They invite interaction through a one-question-at-a-time approach and smooth interface designed for frictionless responses. Customize the experience by creating an environment that’s tailored to your audience’s interests, expectations, browsing habits, and favorite device. Incentivize by throwing in some relevant quiz questions—and the promise of a big reveal at the end. Add intrigue with behind-the-scenes photos of your business, latest product, or new feature. Put enough love into creating your typeform and you’ll get love back.

How can I act on my responses?

You gave your customers a megaphone—the worst thing you could do now is wear ear plugs. First, get the data just the way you like it. Typeforms integrate with more than 500 apps. Add new email leads to a MailChimp list, or connect your results to Google Sheets for a bit of graph madness. Transform your data into actionable decisions about your business. Demonstrate how your product helps people make progress in their lives. Launch new features that meet their needs and kill off those that aren’t useful. And don’t forget to show them what you’ve done—it’s the difference between an active listener and someone who likes the sound of their own voice. Ever change your mind? So do your customers. Follow up with them on a regular basis. Nail this down and watch your customer loyalty and retention climb.

How can I increase the response rate for my customer feedback form?

The first step is to convince your customers to participate in the survey. Having a well-written opening statement or invite to participate can greatly affect this. Your customer feedback invite needs to:

  • Recognize that you are asking for help
  • Give the customer an idea of the time commitment (no. of questions)
  • Explain the value and importance of their feedback

Example: “Thanks for shopping at Waves. We want to make your customer experience incredible, so we need your feedback on how we can improve. Could you help us by completing this 5-question feedback form?

Sure, I’ll help. Maybe next time.

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