Thank You screen

All typeforms have a Thank You screen by default which is seen after someone submits their responses.

If you’re on a BASIC (free) plan, your typeforms have a default branded Thank You screen that looks like this (colors will vary):

Thank you BASIC

When you upgrade to a PRO plan, your default Thank you screen will be different:

Thank you PRO

And that’s not all! You will be able to create your own customized Thank You screens:


A customized Thank You screen can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • You can add text, hyperlinks*, an image, animated GIF or a video.
note that for now you can add plain text URLs only such as, and a link will automatically be generated so it becomes clickable.

Add image or video

  • You can enable the social share icons so your audience can post the link of your typeform on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Share icons

  • You can offer respondents further information, be it about your brand, the results of the typeform, ways to contact you, among others.
  • If your typeform is a quiz, you can display their final results using Piping. Take a look at the below example:

Quiz results

  • You can redirect respondents to any web page or reload the typeform again (useful if you’re conducting surveys in person on a tablet).

A popular use of the button on the Thank You screen is to redirect respondents to your respective generated report. Fill in the following form and click on the button on its Thank You page:

Using multiple Thank You screens

If you build a quiz and you’d like to show the results to your respondents, then based on their score, they may fall into one of many groups.

Use Logic Jumps to send respondents to different endings by creating multiple Thank You screens, based on certain conditions.

  1. Just drag as many Thank You screens as you like to your Build panel,
  2. Then set Logic Jumps
    1. On your last question of the form, so that respondents get directed to a certain Thank You screen based on their score or their answer
    2. Or send some respondents who do not pass a certain question to a separate Thank You screen, skipping all the rest of the questions.

You can add conditions to your logic based on answers to questions or Calculator score.

Check out this related article, as well: Show different Thank You screens based on score.

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