Calculator is a great tool for making quizzes, shopping baskets and more. You can keep scores for answers, or total up prices on an order form.

How Typeform’s Calculator works

Our Calculator (a PRO feature) allows you to apply calculations and a score/price to your questions. Each answer to a question can be given different values, and calculations can be made on those values. This score can be carried from one question to the next – additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions can be made throughout.

You can keep one score for each typeform. We don’t currently support multiple scores (but watch this space!). If you want to make a test with multiple scores, you can link different typeforms together using Redirect on completion, and then export and combine your results in a spreadsheet application.

How to use Calculator

1. Click the colored block icon to open Question settings, then the Calculator icon under your question. This will open the calculator editor.

2. On a Number question like this, the calculator will automatically be set up as above. This means the Score (or Price if you’re using a Payment question) will be multiplied by whatever number someone answers. This is a neat way to calculate price when you want to let people choose how many of something they want.

3. You can also choose to Divide, which looks like this:

4. When you choose Add or Subtract, the calculation changes as follows:

5. Changing the Always dropdown to If let’s you create calculations for specific answers.

For example, here, if someone answers 6, I want to add 10 to the score:

You can also use subtract, multiply or divide:

When you’ve finished adding calculations to a question, simply click the in the upper right corner of the panel to close the tool, your calculations are automatically saved.

What calculations are possible on different question types?

What kind of calculations you can do depends on the question type you’re using.

If and Always calculations: Number, Opinion Scale and Rating questions.

If calculations only: Multiple Choice, Picture Choice, Short/Long Text, Yes/No questions, Email, Date, Dropdown, Legal, File Upload, Website.

Calculator not available: Welcome Screen, Thank You Screen, Statements, Payment, Question Group, Hidden Fields.

Calculator Results

If and Always calculations: Number, Opinion Scale and Rating question

To see Calculator results, open your typeform from your Workspace, and head to the Results panel:In the Summary section you can see all the final totals that Calculator has tallied.

If you want to see results for specific submissions, click on the Responses tab:

Clicking on any submission in the list on the left, will open the responses on the right, where you will see the Calculator totals for that submission.

You can also view Calculator results in a spreadsheet if you export your results.