Calculator is a great tool for making quizzes, shopping baskets and more. You can keep scores for answers, or total up prices on an order form.

How Typeform’s Calculator works


Our Calculator (a PRO feature) allows you to apply calculations and a score to your questions. Different answers can be given different values, and calculations can be made on those values. This score can be carried from one question to the next – additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions can be made throughout.

You can keep one score for each typeform. We don’t currently support multiple variables. If you want to make a test with multiple scores, you can link different typeforms together using redirect on submit, and then export and combine your results in a spreadsheet application.

Calculator: how many cats?Calculator, adding cats

Calculator with Multiple Choice

Try these three example typeforms that use Calculator:

This examination applies scores to answers, giving respondents a total at the end. Different score ranges lead to different Thank You screens. Learn how to do that here.

This Shopping basket totals the cost of products respondents want to buy, allows for discounts to be applied, and pipes that total to our payment field, powered by Stripe. Find out how to build one.

In this quiz, like the examination, a score is applied to answers. It shows respondents a different Thank You screen depending on their score. Here’s how to build a quiz with Calculator.

How to use Calculator

1. Hover over any question in Build, and the Calculator icon will appear. Click this to open the calculator editor.  Question2. Click Add a calculationAdd a calculation - Option 23. Now you can create a calculation. In this example, we give one point to the total Score if someone answers Paris.
If user answers...

4. You can also use multiply or divide:catanddog5. You can add multiple scores to a question, so each answer has a different value:Calculator 04

Make sure to click Save when you’ve finished adding calculations!

Calculator Results

When you use Calculator, you’ll see a new column in your results called “Score”:


If you edit your typeform, and change the values in calculations, the Score will be changed automatically.

Here are some more articles with examples using Calculator:

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