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Typeform announces new CEO

It’s been an amazing journey so far. And it continues with a new CEO leading Typeform into its next stage. Please join us in welcoming Joaquim “Kim” Lecha.

Hi again, David and Robert here—cofounders of Typeform.

It’s been an incredible journey so far, from bathroom project to Series B funding to Typeform version 2.

And now we begin a new phase.

This week, we announced to the team that we’re stepping down as co-CEOs. We’ve appointed Joaquim “Kim” Lecha (our current COO) as CEO, and we’ll work alongside him to help Typeform realize its full potential.

It’s a decision we took alone and we’re 110% sure about it. It’s what we think is best for the organization. We believe that Typeform has reached a stage where it needs a more experienced leader to scale the company and move it forward.

Are we certain that we’re leaving the company in the absolute best hands? Yes, we are.

Kim is a thoughtful, humble, and very determined leader that comes with a wealth of experience. We believe he’s the best person to lead the company through the next stages.

As cofounders, Robert and I have always wanted to create a unique and excellent work environment. We continue wanting this, but now it’s time to add more structure, clarity, and guidance to what we’ve built. Kim has the experience to make this happen.

We can’t wait to continue this journey with Kim and all of the Typeform team.

Love from Barcelona,

David & Robert

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