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Human Resources (HR) Surveys

healthcare employee satisfaction survey template Thumbnail

Healthcare employee satisfaction survey template

Diagnose how you can make your employees happier, and their patients healthier.

Hiring Manager Experience Survey Thumbnail

Hiring manager experience survey template

Gain insights on how your recruitment function is working

HR Effectiveness Survey Thumbnail

HR effectiveness survey template

Find out how well your HR team support your staff

thumbs31 job sastifaction

Job satisfaction survey template

Find out how to make your workplace a happy one with this stylish survey

Leadership Style Questionnaire Thumbnail

Leadership style questionnaire template

Find out what leadership approaches your managers take with this questionnaire

Management Survey Thumbnail

Management survey template

Gather anonymous feedback on your managers and discover how they can improve their management skills

Manager effectiveness survey Thumbnail

Manager effectiveness survey template

Give employees a voice and pinpoint weak spots in the management team

New Hire Survey Thumbnail

New hire survey template

Ensure your new employees have a smooth onboarding

Organizational Culture Survey Thumbnail

Organizational culture survey template

Discover how your company culture is perceived by your workforce

Performance Appraisal Survey Thumbnail

Performance appraisal survey template

Build a survey into your employee evaluation approach

Performance Management Survey Thumbnail

Performance management survey template

Improve the effectiveness of your workforce

Process Improvement Survey Thumbnail

Process improvement survey template

Streamline your processes and understand how to best implement changes

professional development feedback survey template Thumbnail

Professional development feedback survey template

See what attendees thought about your event and use insights to improve

Professional Development Survey Thumbnail

Professional development survey template

Provide an opportunity for staff to interest in professional development

Recruitment Satisfaction Survey Thumbnail

Recruitment satisfaction survey template

Attract the best talent by keeping your recruitment standards high

Reference Check Survey Thumbnail

Reference check survey template

A simple way to get a reference on your prospective candidate

SaaS Onboarding Survey Thumbnail

SaaS onboarding survey template

A SaaS onboarding survey to kick off a winning customer relationship

Salary and Compensation Survey Thumbnail

Salary and compensation survey template

Discover how satisfied employees are with their salary and benefits package

Staff Wellbeing Survey Thumbnail

Staff wellbeing survey template

Identify how you could better support your workforce

Supervisor Evaluation Survey Thumbnail

Supervisor evaluation survey template

Find out how effective your supervisors are with an evaluation survey

Training Evaluation Survey Thumbnail

Training evaluation survey template

Get feedback on your training sessions

Training Needs Assessment Survey Thumbnail

Training needs assessment survey template

Find out what your participants want to know ahead of their training session

training satisfaction survey template Thumbnail

Training satisfaction survey template

Gather quality feedback from attendees and improve your training sessions

Work Environment Survey Thumbnail

Work environment survey template

Is your workplace a safe space? Ask your employees what they think

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