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Marketing Survey Templates

Firmographics Survey Thumbnail

Firmographics survey template

Find out more about your target market with segmentation data

Food Survey Thumbnail

Food survey template

Find out more about people’s food and eating habits

Gym Satisfaction Survey Thumbnail

Gym satisfaction survey template

Find out how to improve your facilities and keep your gym patrons happy


Lead generation survey template

Find out how your business is generating leads and which marketing channels are most successful

Magazine Reader Survey Thumbnail

Magazine reader survey template

Complete market research on magazine readership


Market research survey template

Discover new insights for your market fit

Market Segmentation Survey Thumbnail

Market segmentation survey template

ind out more about your contacts and segment them into groups

media usage survey Thumbnail

Media usage survey template

Get a handle on your audience's media habits, and use insights to inform your marketing strategy

Meeting Feedback Survey Thumbnail

Meeting feedback survey template

Are your meetings productive? Create a post-meeting survey and find out.

Mystery Shopper Survey Thumbnail

Mystery shopper survey template

Provide your mystery shoppers with an online survey form to submit their findings

NPS Survey Thumbnail

Net Promoter Score® (NPS) Survey Template

Find out how willing your customers are to share your brand with their friends or colleagues

Newsletter Feedback Survey Thumbnail

Newsletter feedback survey template

Are your readers enjoying your newsletter? Find out before they unsubscribe

Community Needs Assessment Survey Thumbnail

Online community needs assessment survey template

Get insights into what your community need with an easy to build online template

path to purchase survey template Thumbnail

Path to purchase survey template

Find out what motivates your customers’ purchasing decisions

Phone Survey Thumbnail

Phone survey template

Do market research on cell phone and app use

Podcast Survey Thumbnail

Podcast survey template

What do your listeners want to hear about? Create a simple online form to find out.


Presentation feedback survey template

How did your presentation go? Ask your audience for feedback

Price Sensitivity Survey Thumbnail

Price sensitivity survey template

Get the feedback you need to price your product correctly

Pricing Survey Thumbnail

Pricing survey template

Are you providing good value for money? Ask your customers

Process Improvement Survey Thumbnail

Process improvement survey template

Streamline your processes and understand how to best implement changes

Program Satisfaction Survey Thumbnail

Program satisfaction survey template

Find out what people think of your program and use the results to improve

Quality Assurance Survey Thumbnail

Quality assurance survey template

Keep your customers happy by ensuring high quality services

Retrospective Survey Thumbnail

Retrospective survey template

Prepare talking points ahead of your meeting

Skin Care Survey thumbnail

Skin care survey template

Find out how your customers approach their skin care

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