Online Test Maker

Make a multiple choice test or exam and inspire learning in a fun and engaging way

Build it in a flash

Build it in a flash

Creating your test is super easy. Just copy and paste your questions to this template and share it.
Make learning fun

Make learning fun

Keep your students hooked from start to finish with a test that's fun and engaging on any device.
Smart & interactive

Smart & interactive

Show different Thank You screens depending on your students' scores, and easily keep track of their progress.

How do you make an online test awesome?

  1. Use clear and concise questions for easy understanding
  2. Add a description under the question to add more context
  3. Make it fun – add GIFS, videos or images to keep people entertained
  4. Show the correct answers using Logic Jump
  5. Organize your results in a flash with our native Google Sheets Integration, or connect to your favorite apps like Mailchimp, Trello or Evernote

What’s a good way to get more out of the test maker?

Cliché warning, but use your imagination. Say you’re making a spelling test and your students think they know the drill. Why not try a multiple choice test format for one half of the test, and then mix it up with yes/no questions and fill-in-the-blank answers for the rest? Here’s a list of question types to get your imagination going.

How does making an online test save time?

What do a kindergarten teacher and the president of Evil Corp have in common? Neither can code complex algorithms and both would love results automatically summarized and easily exported to a spreadsheet. An online test does the trick and gives you extra me-time.

What would make my test more personal?

Let your test or quiz reflect a theme, a subject or your own personality. You can actually customize anything from colors and backgrounds to button texts. Also, Logic jump can make a test progressively harder, easier, or go in a different direction based on answers.

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