Typeform launches ‘Formless’: The AI-powered form builder that simulates real conversations

Now publicly available, Formless harnesses the power of AI to challenge traditional form builders and empower businesses to collect high-quality data and engage customers

San Francisco / January 18, 2024  – Typeform, the intuitive form builder and conversational data collection platform, today announced the public launch of Formless, an AI form builder powered by leading AI systems from OpenAI. With Formless, users can collect structured data through two-way conversations with forms that ask questions, as well as answer respondent questions. Formless enables companies to collect high-quality customer data at scale, all while delivering an engaging customer experience. 

Gathering zero-party data, defined as information that customers voluntarily share with companies, is critical to creating exceptional customer experiences today; however, the stakes for data collection are higher than ever. McKinsey & Company research shows that 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions, and 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. Focused on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to create human-centered web experiences, Typeform is providing companies with innovative solutions that balance business needs with customer expectations.

“At Typeform, we believe in a world where businesses give as much to people as they’re trying to get, and we’ve been diligently crafting this vision into reality,” said David Okuniev, co-founder, Typeform. “The beauty of Formless is that it enables companies to get great data, while also giving respondents a great experience. In an increasingly digital world, people don’t want interactions that make them feel like just a number. Formless offers an ideal blend of the machine-driven efficiency and human-like personalization that today’s consumers crave.” 

Teams across marketing, sales, customer success, product, and human resources are using Formless to create conversations to generate leads, book sales calls, support their users, collect feedback, engage with their audiences, make product recommendations, and more. Key benefits of Formless include: 

  • Enhanced respondent experience: Companies can choose to train the AI on their own data to anticipate and answer respondents’ queries. The form can also adjust its questions based on prior answers, making it more efficient and relevant for the respondent. 

  • High engagement and completion rates: Users are more likely to complete a form if it feels like a conversation rather than a series of impersonal questions. Powered by conversational AI technology, the natural tone of voice keeps respondents engaged. 

  • Deep data and insights: Teams can get structured insights from unstructured data with open text analysis, and if a user gives an unclear or ambiguous response, the AI can ask for clarifications or more details, improving the quality of collected data. In turn, access to higher quality data and insights enables companies to better personalize their marketing efforts, services, offers, and product recommendations.

  • Efficient content creation: Creators can develop high-performance, on-brand forms in minutes, saving valuable time that could be spent on higher impact activities. Formless offers customizable templates, and the possibility to let the AI completely build the form.

  • Expanded reach: Formless speaks over 120 languages, enabling companies to connect with a global audience without language barriers, expanding potential reach and opportunities. 

  • Easy implementation: Formless can easily be embedded into websites with different widget options. It can also be connected through Zapier with more than 1,000 applications. 

“How we ask for information online is ripe for disruption. Historically, forms have been a one-way street that puts the onus on the user and offers them little in return – Typeform is changing that,” said Luke Dringoli, VP of Technology, Media Cause. “What Formless offers is a natural way of obtaining information that gets you all the data you need while endearing your audience to your brand.”  

“Formless has been very easy to use and set up, especially with the new templates,” said Porter Pursley, co-founder, Beehive. “Its interactive nature and conversational interface has really resonated with our audience. We've noticed higher conversion and response rates for our specific use cases and the conversation summaries have proved extremely helpful internally."

The Formless launch bolsters Typeform’s position as an AI leader. In addition to delivering Formless, Typeform already offers AI-powered features, like question recommendations, within its flagship Typeform product, providing more than 150,000 customers with form-building capabilities that are taking online interactions from transactional to conversational.

Learn more about Formless and how it empowers companies to collect data and engage customers here.  

About Typeform

Typeform is a distinctly creative form builder that helps over 150,000 businesses collect the data they need with forms, surveys, and quizzes that people enjoy. Designed with striking visuals, a conversational flow, and powerful data gathering capabilities, Typeform empowers brands to give and get more with each form. Typeform drives more than 500 million responses each year and integrates with essential tools including Zapier, HubSpot, and Slack. For more information, visit

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