“It's a two-way communication tool with customers.” ~Russel | Typeform
# Story 1

Trello brings remote employees closer together

With a fun quiz, they champion their values and provide staunch support for every employee—near and far.

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# Story 2

An entrepreneur built a Slack community

Andrew Mewborn needed to network. Now he runs his own online community.

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# Story 3

HubSpot built a viral, lead-generating app

Thousands of marketers easily create their buyer personas using an engaging, conversational interface.

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# Story 4

Indiegogo gets projects crowdfunded

With a simple questionnaire, entrepreneurs get support to launch their ideas into the marketplace.

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# Story 5

Forbes calls for nominations for its 30 under 30 list

The brightest young entrepreneurs and future game-changers are discovered through a nomination typeform.

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# Story 6

Freshdesk quizzes you on customer support

One of the biggest names in customer support software trains service teams with an engaging quiz.

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# Story 7

A financial lending firm personalized customer service with a quiz

To learn more about customer preferences, Borrowell uses an engaging 5-minute quiz.

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# Story 8

Wrike kick-starts their customer journey with tutorials

Using videos and quizzes, this SaaS company makes onboarding more engaging while reducing customer training time by 70%.

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# Story 9

A local government eliminated paper forms

Residents in Victoriaville report potholes, obtain permits, and keep parks clean—straight from their smartphones.

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# Story 10

The world’s favorite toymaker reinvented the Christmas wish list

By replacing the handwritten letter, Santa optimized his ordering, production, and distribution process.

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