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Create ConvertKit subscriptions from typeform submissions

Convert your typeform submissions into subscriptions with our ConvertKit integration.

ConvertKit is an email marketing and automation tool that lets you create and segment subscription lists. With this integration, you can use a typeform to collect new subscriptions, and have them automatically sent to your ConvertKit account.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Typeform account
  • ConvertKit account
Note! Your typeform must include an email question for this integration to work. Set your email question as required to make sure responders don't skip it.

Here’s how to set up the integration:

1. Go to the Connect panel, and scroll down until you see ConvertKit. Click Connect.


2. Click New authentication.


3. Click Accept.


4. Click Next.


5. Click New authentication.


6. Enter your API Secret and click Create. You can find this code in the Account settings section of your ConvertKit account.


Note! Make sure you use the API Secret, and not your API Key.

7. Click Next.


8. Map your responses to tags, select whether you want to update existing subscribers, and click Next


You can choose to:

  • Map all responses to a single tag: assign all of your subscribers to one tag.
  • Map multiple-choice responses to tags: assign subscribers to different tags based on their answers to your typeform’s multiple choice or dropdown questions. Contacts can be assigned to multiple tags (one tag per answer option), and if responses aren’t mapped to tags, a default tag with the form ID is assigned to the contact created.
  • Map quiz endings to a tag: assign subscribers to different tags based on your typeform’s endings. For example, if a responder is a Cat person based on your personality quiz, you can assign them to the Cat tag, or to the Dog tag if they’re a Dog person.
Note! The ConvertKit integration is currently not compatible with Branching and calculations - instead, you should use an Outcome or Score quiz.

9. Select a single tag from the dropdown list, or map your multiple choice questions or endings to different tags and click Next.


10. Map your typeform questions to ConvertKit fields and click Finish.


11. That’s it! Your integration is active and you can start collecting new subscriptions in ConvertKit. Use the three dots to Edit or Delete the integration.



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