Add users to Organizations and Workspaces

With a Plus or higher account, you can give multiple users access to your Organization and Workspaces so they can collaborate on your typeforms and access results. It’s a great way to involve stakeholders in your projects – and take some of the workload away from you!

Sharing access to your typeforms is easy - all you need is someone's email address, associated with their Typeform account (if they don't have an account, they'll be invited to create one). You can do this with any Plus or above account.

If you don't have enough seats on your plan to invite new members, check out this article on how to buy more.

Warning! If your team members still don’t have a Typeform account, they’ll need to accept the invitation you send them. They’ll be asked to create an account and then will be able to see the shared Workspace.

Adding users to your Organization

1. You can add users to an Organization by logging into your Typeform account and opening your Account Settings. Click on your alias in the upper left corner of your Workspace, then click Org members:


2. On the Org members page, you can see the Name and email address of the members of your organization, the date of their last login in the Last active column, and their organization Role. You can click the arrows in the column headers to sort members by their name, last login date or role.

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 16.15.01.png

3. To add to and manage your team by inviting new members or assigning different org roles to members, click the dropdown arrow next to their email address:


4. Click Invite members to do just that - by adding their email addresses. You can also assign an organization role to new members here. They will appear in your organization as soon as they have accepted the invitation.


Note that the Organization viewer seat is only available on the Enterprise plan. You can find out more about inviting members with Organization viewer seats here.

5. You can remove members from your organization by clicking the dropdown arrow next to their name and clicking Remove from organization:


Removing a user from your organization will remove the user from all of the organization’s workspaces. If the user had any workspaces in your organization that they hadn’t yet shared, those will be added to your account. Additionally, any integrations the user set up will stay active.


6. You can also manage user-level permissions from the Org members page. If you’re logged in with the main email address associated with the Typeform account, you’ll likely be considered the account’s Owner.

You can give your other team members Admin or Editor rights, depending on what permissions you want them to have. There is no limit to the number of Admins in an account. 

Here is a breakdown of account Owner, AdminEditor and Viewer permissions:


*The Organization viewer seat is only available on the Enterprise plan, and you can find out everything about it here.

Adding users to your Workspaces

1. To add users to your Workspaces, first go to the Workspace you want to share with someone. Click the Share button that appears next to the Workspace name.


Team members will only be able to see the Workspaces that have been shared with them. So you can keep your poker night typeform in a private Workspace, and no one will be able to see it!

2. Type in the user’s email in the window that pops up. Then click Invite to send the invitation to that person. Note that until a user accepts the invite, their name will not be displayed in the user list (but their email address will).


Workspace Owners (see table in step 5 below) can add and remove organization members from Workspaces. However, Workspace Owners will only be able to add users from outside the organization in this dialog if they are also an Organization Admin or Owner (see table in step 5 in the above section). 

3. Once the user has received an invitation, they should click the Go to workspace button in the email they receive, then log into their account.


4. Shared Workspaces will display in the Shared section of the Workspace sidebar. Click the Share button next to the name of the Workspace to see who has access to that Workspace.


5. Once added to a workspace, users can have either Workspace Owner, Can edit, or Can view roles. Account Owners (see previous section) are automatically given Workspace Owner status when added to a Workspace. Here's a link to the breakdown of Workspace permissions.

Workspaces can have multiple Owners. To assign ownership to a Workspace member with Can edit or Can view permissions, open the membership management dialog, click the dropdown menu next to that person's name, and click Owner


You can use the same dropdown menu to unassign ownership from the user. 

6. To remove someone as a collaborator on a Workspace, open the membership management dialog, click the dropdown menu next to that person's name, and click Remove from workspace


Note! Removing a member from the workspace doesn’t automatically remove them from the team. You'll still see them as an organization member in the Members section of your account settings, and they'll still occupy a seat in your organization.

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