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I can’t log into my account

Don’t worry! There are a few reasons you might have trouble logging into your Typeform account. They can all be solved, and will only ever be temporary.

This article will explain some of the common login issues and help ensure you get back into your account pronto.

Click the link of your login issue to jump to it:

I’ve tried logging in, but nothing happens

Very occasionally Typeform has technical problems, and you may have trouble logging in. You can check the status of Typeform at status.typeform.com. You can also always find this information at the bottom of the Typeform homepage, with a little green light next to it (if everything’s OK).


If these pages don’t load, but your internet is otherwise fine, you can click this link: Down For Everyone Or Just Me. This will tell you whether Typeform is down for everyone (or it’s just you!).

If Typeform is “All Systems Operational”, then your login problem must be something else, so read on.

I can’t log in with my email address


If you see a message saying 'Your login info is not right. Try again, or reset your password if it slipped your mind', it is likely to be for the following reason(s):

- You signed up with Google or Microsoft

- You mistyped your email address

- You signed up using a different email address

- You mistyped your password

If you created your Typeform account using social signup with Google or Microsoft, you don't have a password associated with your Typeform account. Try logging in with your social account to see if this might be causing the issue.

To find out what’s causing the issue and to get a password reset, click on the Forgot password? link. You will shortly be sent an email with a link that will allow you to set a new password, and access your account.

If you don’t get an email after 15 minutes, check your Spam folder. If it’s not there, you most likely signed up with a different email address or signed up with Google or Microsoft. In this case, click here to contact our Support Team and send them as much information as you can.

I see a 500 error when I log in


Try the following steps:

1. Open Typeform in Private or Incognito mode, and attempt to log in from there. If this step works and you are able to log in, try step 2 in the original browser window. 

2. Clear your browser’s cache and cookie data. Now close and restart your browser, and try to log in again.

If these steps do not work, click here to contact our Support Team. In your message, please include the link that this page provides. This tells us about your browser and operating system. 

My account is locked

If you make too many failed login attempts (for example, if you mistype your password too many times), you'll see a message saying 'Your account is locked. Please contact your administrator':


Not to worry - you should be able to unlock your account on your own!

You should automatically receive an email from Typeform at your account address with the subject line 'Account Locked'. (If you don't see it, check your Spam folder.) Click Unlock Account to request to unlock your account. 


This button will open another tab. Type in your Typeform email address and click Send email.

You should then automatically receive a second email from Typeform, with the subject line 'Unlock Account'. Click the Unlock Account button once more to finish the unlocking process.


If successful, you'll see the following message:


Click Back to sign in to go to the Typeform sign-in screen, where you can reset your password if you've forgotten it.

If you do not receive any emails from Typeform, if the link to unlock your account expires, or if you run into other problems when trying to unlock your account, click here to contact our Support Team.  

I can’t log in from my mobile device

Please use a desktop or laptop computer to log into Typeform. The editor is currently designed to work on desktop computers, and isn’t suitable for mobile devices. You can create a Typeform account from a mobile browser, but you can’t log in.

I can't log in from my Mac

If you can't log in on your Mac (for example, if you receive an "Unexpected internal error" message), it might be because of an outdated certificate used by an old version of macOS X. To fix this issue, do one of the following:

  • Update your macOS to the latest version to get the new security certificates, as explained here.
  • Manually install the new certificate by following this guide

I can’t log in with my Google account

You can access your Typeform account with your Google credentials.

If things are working normally, and you are already signed in to your social network account in your browser, you will immediately be taken to your Typeform Workspace.

If you are not signed in to your Google account in your browser, you will be prompted to do so, and then be taken to your Typeform Workspace.

If you signed up with your Google account, you don’t have a password. Click Sign in with Google on the login page to access your account.

If for some reason you have removed Typeform from a list of authorized apps for your Google account, you will be prompted to give Typeform access to that account before proceeding.

Check that you are logged into your Google account and have previously allowed it to connect to Typeform. Check that Typeform is authorized by clicking on this link.

Screenshot showing how to log into Typeform with Google

If you are logged into Google, and still can’t log into Typeform, contact us via this typeform.

If you’re up and running and would like to make a form or survey, take a look at our survey maker and form builder.

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