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Get new contacts or leads with Typeform and Zendesk Sell

Are you using Zendesk Sell to manage your contacts and leads? Now you can use a great looking Typeform to send new leads right to your Zendesk Sell account.

In this article, I'm using a contact typeform that asks respondents for name and email, and I'm going to connect it with my Zendesk Sell account. Whenever someone completes my form, their details will appear as new Contacts or Leads in my CRM.

What you need:

  • A Typeform account
  • A typeform prepared with an Email question and a Short Text question to collect names
  • A Zendesk Sell account

How to set up the integration

1. Log into your Typeform account, then open the lead gen or contact form you want to connect to Zendesk Sell. Make sure the form is published. Navigate to the Connect panel and search "zendesk sell" to find the integration:


2. Click Connect, and a new window will open.

3. Click Allow access to grant Zendesk Sell access to your Typeform account. 


4. A new window will open asking you to grant access. Click Accept:


5. The window will close automatically. Click Next to continue:


6. Now, authenticate your Zendesk account by clicking the New authentication button:


7. A new window will open. Sign into Zendesk here. If you registered with Zendesk Sell after January 2020, click the Sign in with Zendesk button to continue the sign-in process. 



8. Once you've signed in to your Zendesk account, you'll see the following screen asking you to authorize the connection. Click Authorize:


9. The window will close automatically. Click Next to continue setting up the integration:


10. Now, choose from the dropdown menu whether you're creating new Contacts or Leads, and click Next


11. Now you can map your Typeform questions to fields in Zendesk Sell. Here, we've mapped a Short Text name question to Name, and an Email question to Email:


You can map to additional fields based on the record type you're creating. Click Add a new mapping to create new mappings.

Here, for example, we're mapping another Short Text question to a custom Contact field


On the other hand, here, we're mapping a Typeform Hidden Field, which tracks the lead source, to the Source ID field for Leads in Zendesk Sell: 


To set up this mapping, you'll need to create a Hidden Field in your typeform first. Make sure to publish all new changes before setting up an integration! 

Use the trashcan icon to delete any mappings you no longer need. 

When you've finished mapping your fields, click Next

12. On the next screen, add more information about your new Zendesk Sell records. Use the dropdown menus to select your respondent profile. If you've mapped to an Email field in Zendesk Sell, you'll be asked what to do with any duplicate Contact or Lead emails you might receive: 


If you're creating Leads in Zendesk Sell and tracking their sources, you'll also need to specify which Typeform source values map to which Zendesk Sell Source IDs.  


Here, the value in the left-hand field is the value given to the Hidden Field in the typeform share URL, not the name of the Hidden Field itself. You'll need to add this value yourself before sharing the typeform with your audience - if you're not sure how to do this, check out our guide to Hidden Fields here.

The list of sources will depend on the sources you've created in Zendesk Sell. The value you provide and the source you choose are case-sensitive and must match exactly for the integration to work properly.

Add more Lead Source mappings by clicking Add to Lead Source Mapping

When you're done adding this information, click Finish to complete the setup process.

13. You'll now be taken back to the Connect panel, where you'll see the Zendesk Sell integration is now active:


You can turn it on and off using the toggle, or click the three dots icon to edit or delete the integration. Clicking Edit will take you back to step 11 above, where you can change your question mappings.

14. Test your integration by completing your typeform with some test data. Here, we've tested adding a new Lead to Zendesk Sell. After opening our Zendesk Sell account and going to Leads, we see that the lead's name, email, and source data have been collected correctly:


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