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Get new contacts or leads with Typeform and Zendesk Sell

Are you using Zendesk Sell to manage your contacts and leads? Now you can use a great looking Typeform to send new leads right to your Zendesk Sell account.

In this article, I'm using a contact typeform that asks respondents for name and email, and I'm going to connect it with my Zendesk Sell account. Whenever someone completes my form, their details will appear as new contacts or leads in my CRM.

What you need:

  • A Typeform account
  • A typeform prepared with an email question, and short text question to collect names
  • A Zendesk Sell account

How to set up the integration

1. Log into your Typeform account, then open your lead gen/contact form. Navigate to the Connect panel, and scroll down until you see Zendesk Sell:

image10.png2. Click Connect, and a new window will open.

3. Now you need to authenticate your Zendesk Sell account. Choose Click here to Login with Zendesk Sell:


A new window will open, where you can log into your Zendesk account. 

IMPORTANT. Users with an old Base account can sign in from this screen. However, if you use an OAuth system to sign in to Zendesk, click Log in with Zendesk


You'll be taken to a new Login screen:


Enter your Zendesk Subdomain, then click Sign in

4. Now enter your Zendesk login credentials, and click Sign in again:


5. You should will now return to the integration setup screen:


Choose whether you're creating new Leads or Contacts, and then whether they will be individuals or companies, from the dropdown menus, and click Next:


6. Now you can map your Typeform questions to fields in Zendesk Sell. Here you can see I've mapped my Short Text name question to Name, and Email question to Email. I also mapped another question with Description, letting me collect my contact's questions:


7. Click Finish, and that's it.

8. You'll now be taken back to the Connect panel, where you'll see the Zendesk Sell integration is now active:


You can turn it on and off using the green toggle, or click the three dots icon to delete it, or edit it. Clicking Edit will take you back to step 5 above, where you can change your question mappings.

9. Test your integration by completing your typeform with some test data. Open your Zendesk Sell account, and go to Contacts, where you'll see that the data has appeared:


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