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Register event attendees using Chat

When you and your team have put countless hours into planning an event, you want to attract as much interest as possible. Ensuring a smooth registration process is a great way to give your attendees a positive experience from the get-go! With Typeform Chat, you can quickly turn a typeform into a chat assistant to help with event sign-ups around the clock. If you build it, they will come!

In this example, we’ll create an easy-to-make, easy-to-use event registration chatbot with Typeform Chat. Here’s how it’ll look in action on your site:


We’ll be using the following tools to create our chat assistant:

Creating your typeform

The first step for using Typeform Chat is creating the typeform you’ll use to organize the registration process. This typeform will be the basis of your chat assistant, so you’ll want to write the questions in the order that your chat will ask them. 

1. From your Workspace, create a new typeform by clicking New typeform.


2. We’ll build our typeform from scratch in this example, but you can choose to incorporate one of our built-in templates

3. Once you’ve named and created your typeform, click the + sign in the Content tab of your Create panel to add a Welcome Screen.


Use friendly and inviting language to grab your visitors’ attention - you can even add a greeting from a team member!


Tip: Change the button text in the right-hand Question menu.
Tip: You can use the Description field in questions or the Welcome Screen to break up the text that your respondents will see. The question title and description will appear as individual messages in the chat, mimicking a conversational flow.

4. Use the Design tab to customize your typeform’s appearance according to your brand’s needs. You can use the Typeform Gallery to pick out a pre-designed theme, as shown below, or create your own using a custom color palette and an Unsplash background. How about an invigorating green?


5. Now, add a Short Text question to get your visitor’s full name: 


Tip: Skipping questions isn’t possible in Chat, so you don’t need to mark typeform questions as required unless you’re planning on using the same typeform elsewhere.

6. You need to know where to send registration details, so follow up with an Email question. 


7. Cool! Now, let’s say that your event offers various speaking sessions and seminars over videoconference. A Multiple Choice question with multiple selection enabled lets attendees customize their event experience. 


You can follow up later to send them access passwords and other information relating to the events they’ve chosen.

Tip: Use a Zapier integration with Mailchimp to send different streaming links to different participants, based on their answer to this question.

8. Add a Long Text question to ask if your respondents have any additional questions about the event. It’ll be easy to reach out individually later on:


9. Finally, you may want to know how respondents learned about your event - that way, you know where to concentrate your team’s marketing efforts! Add a Multiple Choice question with an “Other” option enabled to cover all your bases:


10. You’re almost done, and you haven’t broken a sweat! All that’s left to do is create an Ending that closes the loop with your attendees.

You can adjust settings in the right-hand Question menu. Social sharing icons and the retake button won’t appear in Chat, but you can keep them if you’re planning on using this typeform elsewhere.


When you’re happy with your typeform, go ahead and hit Publish, in the top right corner of the Create panel. Try this typeform out below!

Setting up a chat embed

Now that you’ve created your typeform, there are only a few short setup steps to turn it into a chat. 

1. Head over to the Share panel and click the Start a chat button.

2. Choose how you’d like your chat to be embedded into your webpage. You can choose a full-page, standard, or popover option. Clicking any option will show a preview of how your chat will look to viewers - check out more details about each option here. We’ll go with the Standard option here. 


Tip: Choose the Full-page option to share your typeform as a URL that features a chat-style interface. You can also use Hidden Fields here.

3. Click Design in the left-hand menu to easily adjust your chat to the look of your website. You can add a chat avatar, change the size of your chat box, and toggle Seamless mode to blend in your chat against your site colors. Toggling Seamless mode will let you set the transparency of your chat background against your site: 


Tip: Increasing transparency means that your chat background will become less visible against the background of your site. Increasing transparency to 100% fully blends in your chat with the rest of your site.

4. To simulate a live chat experience, your respondents will see the chat assistant “typing” before asking each new question. You can set the typing speed or disable this option under Advanced:


5. Now, all that’s left to do is click Get the code to grab the embed code you can use on your webpage.


Congratulations! Your event registration chatbot is live. Go ahead, put your feet up, and enjoy all the time your new assistant is saving you.

Tip: You can integrate this typeform with Mailchimp, HubSpot, and many other tools to easily enroll new signups in different email flows.


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