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Thank You Screen (Classic builder)

All typeforms end with a Thank You Screen, which appears after respondents click submit. You can customize Thank You Screens if you have an Essentials or higher account.

If you have a Free account, your typeforms have a default, branded Thank You Screen that looks like this (colors vary depending on your theme or design):

When you upgrade your account, your default Thank You Screen will be different:


Note! Thank You screens will not appear to your respondents if you are using Redirect upon completion, as this feature will skip them..

Show different Thank You screens based on score

Make your typeforms even more dynamic: use Calculator and Logic Jumps to show people different Thank You Screens depending on their answers. Here’s how.

How to add and use a customized Thank You Screen.

1. Open your typeform from your Workspace.

2. You can find the Thank You Screen by clicking the Add a question button:


Now click the Thank You Screen icon, and it will be added to your build:


3. Now you can write your Thank You Screen text. Click the spanner icon to open Question Settings (explained below), and add an image and so on.Screen_Shot_2020-03-02_at_5.51.40_PM.png


Tip! Remember, you can put URLs in your text, and they will be automatically clickable. However, we don’t support HTML tags for hyperlinking.

Thank You Screen settings

Recall Information

Click Add to include information (answers, scores, price or Hidden Fields) from your typeform. This is useful for showing respondents their answers, or perhaps including their name, if you have collected that in your typeform.


Add an image to your Thank You Screen. Click the Add button, and an Upload message will appear. You can drag your image into this box, or click Upload to open your file explorer.

You can upload JPEG, PNG, static or animated GIFs. The maximum width for a Thank You Screen image is 800px – larger images will be automatically resized down to this width.

Once uploaded, you’ll see it in the Live Preview on the right.


In the editor, you’ll now see a thumbnail of the image under your text. You can remove your image by clicking the X next to the thumbnail, or the Remove button in the above menu.


You can include a video, from YouTube or Vimeo. Simply click the Add button, and paste in the URL of your video. Use the slider to choose the size of your video:

Tip! You can use a video or an image, but not both. If you’ve added an image, you must remove it before trying to add a video!


By default, your Thank You Screen has a button that will restart your typeform.

You can toggle this on and off, and also change the text of the button here.

Redirect to URL

By default, the Thank You Screen button reloads your typeform, as explained above. But you can change this to link to any URL you like. So if you want respondents to visit your site after completing the typeform, just add the link here.

Remember: if you want to redirect users to your URL before the Thank You Screen, you need a Professional account, which gives you Redirect on completion.

Note! Your URL must be a secure HTTPS address – make sure this is included in your URL or the redirect will not function.

Share icons

Use this to toggle the social share buttons. These allow your respondents to share your typeform quickly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Buffer.

Warning! Respondents can share the typeform with these buttons, but currently not their results.

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