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Why is my typeform tagged "Trial"?

Can’t publish your typeform? Is it tagged as “Trial”? Not sure why this is happening or what to do?

We created Trial to give you the opportunity to test paid features for free. All typeforms under a Free plan will be tagged as “Trial” and set to closed by default.


Don’t worry, though, it’s pretty easy to detect and remove these paid features and make your typeform public.

Why is my typeform tagged Trial?

A Typeform will be tagged as Trial:

  • If it has more than ten questions on a Free plan.
  • If it is using paid features not included in your plan.

Depending on your plan, a typeform using the following features may be tagged as Trial:

If you have a typeform that is tagged as “Trial” it means the form has at least one of the above paid features enabled.

To be able to switch your typeform to Public mode, you’ll have to remove the “Trial” tag. And to be able to do that, you’ll have to make sure you disabled every paid feature in your typeform.

How do I detect and remove paid features?

If you’re not sure which paid feature(s) are enabled in your typeform, just click the Publish button at the top-left of the screen. You’ll see the list of paid features enabled in your typeform:


You can quickly check the questions in your typeform that have one or more paid features by looking for the little ‘Trial’ icons in the Editor panel.


You need to remove all paid features, or all questions that take you above the 10 question limit if you want to share your typeform without upgrading your account.

Once you’ve removed all paid features, you have to make your typeform public again. To do this, click the Publish button. It will turn grey, and your typeform is now shareable again:


Below we explain how to detect if certain paid features are present in your typeform and how to remove them.

Logic and calculations

Logic is a paid feature on some accounts that you’ll have to remove from your typeform to publish it.

Branching and calculations

To check if you have Branching and calculations enabled, go to the Logic panel and select Simple, and look for the Trial icon:


To delete this Logic, click Branching and calculations, select Remove all and hit Save.WCIPMT_13.png


Outcome quiz

Outcome quiz is a Simple Logic type that sends people to different Endings based on their answers.

To see if you have an Outcome quiz set in your typeform, go to the Logic panel and select Simple:


If you can see the Trial icon next to Outcome quiz, click it and select Remove all then Save:


You can also choose to remove all additional Endings from your typeform, as this will also remove the Logic set for Outcome quiz:


Score quiz

Score quiz lets you add points to answers and assign different scores to Endings

To find out if you have Score quiz enabled in your typeform, go to Simple Logic:


To delete the Logic set for Score quiz, click it and select Remove all, then hit Save.


Hidden Fields

You can check if Hidden Fields are enabled by going to the Logic panel and selecting Advanced. If they are enabled, you’ll see the Trial next to Hidden Fields.


Click to open it, then hit the trash can icon to remove it and save your changes.


UTM tracking

You can check if UTM tracking is enabled by going to the Settings panel:


To disable UTM tracking, click the toggles next to the enabled UTM parameters, and hit Save:


Respondent notifications

To find out if Respondent notifications are active, go to Email notifications in the Settings panel:


You can disable the feature simply by clicking on the toggle and then Save.


Redirect on completion

Redirect on completion is a Plus and above feature, and you’ll have to remove it to publish your typeform if you’re on a different plan.

You’ll find the Trial icon next to the Redirect on completion switch under Settings:


If it’s turned on, toggle the switch to turn it off, like so:


Remove Typeform branding

Remove Typeform branding is a Plus feature, and you’ll have to disable it to publish your typeform if you’re on a different plan.

Typeform branding is on by default: 


If you’ve turned Typeform branding off, you’ll see the Trial icon next to it. To publish your typeform, go to Settings, and toggle the switch back on.


Payment question

A Payment question is represented by a green, credit card icon. To remove a question, click the three dots next to it and select Delete, as shown.


File Upload question

You can spot a File Upload question by its blue icon, which has a folder symbol. To remove this from your typeform, click the three dots in the question, and select Delete.


Multiple Ending Screens

The screenshot below shows a typeform with multiple Ending Screens, where the second Ending is tagged with a Trial icon. To remove additional Ending Screens, simply click the three dots next to it, and select Delete.


Redirect on Ending

If the Button link switch is toggled on, your typeform will be flagged as Trial:


To publish your typeform, click the toggle to turn it off:


Unlimited questions

Remember that you’re allowed a maximum of 10 questions on a Free plan. If you have additional questions over this limit, your typeform will be flagged with the Trial icon. To remove questions simply click the three dots in the question, and hit Delete.


Statements and Endings count toward the 10 question limit.

However, you can delete all of your Endings by clicking the three dots and then selecting Delete, like so:


In this case, your responders will see the default Ending screen (with colors depending on your theme) after they submit their form:


Question Group headers and sub questions in Question Groups also count toward the 10 question limit. In the example below, question 9b is over the limit, tagged with a Trial icon:



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