How to customize your typeforms’ URL

Promote your brand, business, or event by customizing your Typeform account’s unique name, which appears in your typeforms’ URLs.

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What’s my unique account name?

When you create your Typeform account, a unique account name is generated based on the alias (name) you signed up with. This name will then appear in the URL of all typeforms from that account.

For example, if you give the name “Beardyman” at signup, we assign the word beardyman to your account. It will then appear after the https:// part of the URL of each of your typeform:

If the name “Beardyman” is already taken by someone else, we add a number after the word, just like in this example:

What’s that random set of 6 characters at the end of the URL?

That is the Unique Identifier of your typeform:

This tells our system which typeform your URL will display. Never edit or exclude it from the typeform URL, or your typeform will not appear. Make sure you share the URL we provide under the Share panel of each typeform.

How to edit my unique account name?

If you’d like to customize the account name in the URL you can do so. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. You’ll see your account name in the right-hand column. Click Edit URL to change it.
  3. Delete the current name and type in what you want to change it to.
  4. Click Save.


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Can I exclude “typeform” from my URL?

You cannot exclude “typeform” from the URL.

You can hide it using either of these two workarounds:

  • Embed the typeform on your web page as a full page embed. You can then share the URL of that webpage (not including the word “typeform”). Read this article to learn more about embedding options: Embed a typeform.
  • Use a URL shortening service such as Google URL shortener. This will generate a short link with a random string of characters and will hide the word “typeform”.

What happens to my live typeforms with the old name in their URL?

Worry not. Your live typeforms will keep on collecting responses with the old name in their URL. You can also redistribute the typeform with the new URL. Just grab the new URL from the Share panel of the typeform.

What happens to my Zaps when I change the account name?

When you edit your Typeform account name your Zaps will remain intact.

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