Picture Choice block

The Picture Choice block is a visual version of Multiple Choice. You can use it to make striking typeforms that fit your brand image.

Unlike Multiple Choice blocks, you can add images to each option with a Picture Choice question. You can label each picture choice if you like, and also select from two image sizes, using the Supersize button. Upload images from your computer, or use our Unsplash-powered library.

How to use the Picture Choice block

1. To add a Picture Choice question, simply select it from the Blocks menu when editing or creating your typeform:2. Type in your question, then hit Enter to move on to your choices, then use the Enter key for every additional choice. Note that each choice must contain text in order to move to the next choice (you can hide the labels later if you need to – read on for more details).

Hitting Enter twice closes your Picture Choice block and opens your next block.

3. Now you’ll want to add your images. Click the icon next to each of your answers, which will allow you to choose an image to upload.


1: To open the Picture Choice settings, click the icon next to your question:

2. You’ll find the standard block settings at the top, where you can change block type, make it Required, add a Description and so on:

3. Below these, you have additional settings for your Picture Choice block

4. Show labels.
By default, Show labels is switched on. This displays the text below each picture.

Here’s what they look like with labels:Here’s what they look like with labels turned off:

5. Supersize.If you want bigger images in your typeform, hit this button. Here’s what that does to the Picture Choices above:6. Multiple selection.If you switch on the Multiple selection toggle, your respondents will be able to select as many answers as they wish.

7. Randomize.You can randomize the possible answers, so each time someone fills in the typeform, the choices will appear in a different order.

8. Add “Other” option.Click this switch to add an Other answer option to your Picture Choice block. This will mean there’s an extra field for people to write in another answer.

Here are some ideas for using Picture Choice blocks:

Make a shopping basket
Create a brand awareness survey