PRO plan

Going PRO allows you to create an even better typeform experience, leading to higher completion rates. Find out about our monthly and yearly PRO account subscription pricing here.

With PRO features you can:

Branded and non-branded spinners

Full list of PRO features

PRO features are tools and functions that are only available to users who subscribe to a PRO plan. These features are:

How can I subscribe to a PRO plan?

To learn how you can subscribe to one of our PRO plans, please refer to this article: How can I subscribe to a PRO plan?

Can I try PRO features for free?

You can absolutely try PRO features! All PRO typeforms created in a BASIC (free) account will be tagged as “PRO Trial” and will be closed to everyone except you. This means any typeforms you create with PRO features cannot be shared – unless you upgrade your account.

You can enable your PRO typeforms with a monthly or yearly subscription.

Here are the steps to follow in order to try PRO features for free:

1. Open up any typeform in your BASIC account. Add a PRO feature to the typeform (see the list of features above). In this case we’re adding a Logic Jump.

Screenshot showing how to apply a Logic Jump to a basic typeform

2. A panel will open explaining what the PRO feature does and asking you to upgrade or try the feature. Choose the option to Try PRO free.

Screenshot showing PRO plan warning message

3. You’ll now see a message explaining that your typeform will be made private and therefore people will not be able to access it or respond to it. If you’re cool with this just hit the button to continue.

Warning message that shows when you add a pro feature to a basic typeform

4. You can now start trying out the PRO features. Note the red padlock icon that confirms you are in private mode and folks won’t see your form. However, you can still preview the typeform in the Live preview window or by clicking the View button.

5. If you want to publish the typeform with the PRO features and make it visible you can upgrade by clicking the Upgrade to PRO button in the top right-hand corner.

Screenshot displaying the Upgrade to Pro button