PRO plan

Why go PRO?

People who choose to go PRO will be able to create a better overall experience for their audience, leading to higher completion rates. With Pro features you can:

  • Build stronger connections with your audience by asking relevant questions, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach with Logic Jump
    Segment your audience for superior analytics and insights – useful for researchers with Hidden fields
  • Call people by name, be more personal and eliminate redundancy when you have an ongoing relationship with your respondents using Hidden fields
  • Turn boring looking shopping carts into a visual treat that makes checking-out a delight with Calculator and Payment field (Stripe integration)
  • Enjoy the removal of the “Powered by Typeform” text from the spinner when the form is loading: Powered by loader
  • Enjoy the removal of the text “Never submit passwords! – Report abuse” from the Submit button: submit-report-abuse

What are PRO typeforms?

Any typeform using the following features will be a PRO typeform:

How can I subscribe to a PRO plan?

To learn how you can subscribe to one of our PRO plans, please refer to this article: How can I subscribe to a PRO plan?

Can I try PRO features for free?

You can absolutely try PRO features – simply follow these steps:

  1. Open your typeform
  2. Add a PRO feature to your typeform – in this example we enabled Hidden fields
  3. A pop-up window will open asking you to upgrade or try the feature (see below). Try PRO free (1)
  4. Click on Try PRO free 
  5. You’ll be warned that the typeform is going to be duplicated and the PRO Trial typeform will be set to Private modeI understand lets do this
  6. Click on the button I understand, let’s do this.
  7. You are in the duplicate typeform where you can now add the PRO feature. In our case we can now enable the Hidden fieldsHidden fields on

What happens if I use PRO features in a typeform?

All PRO typeforms under a BASIC (free) account will be tagged as “PRO Trial” and set to Private mode by default. You can enable the Public mode on your PRO typeforms with a monthly or yearly subscription.

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