Use a template

A template is a quick way to get started with a typeform. Browse our template gallery, find one that fits your idea, and work from there.

Let’s say you want to make a Digital Marketing Quiz. You can find a template for that, and it’s quicker than starting from scratch. Templates are also a neat way to see what you can do with Typeform, so take a look around!

How to find a template

1. Go to your Workspace.

2. Click the + Create typeform button under the Workspace name.


3. Click Use a template to go to the Template Gallery:


4. You can scroll through all of the templates on the right, or use the filters on the left to browse the various categories we offer. Click any word from this menu and those templates will immediately appear. Here are our quizzes:


5. When you see a template you want to try, click on it, and it will open so you can test it out:


6. If you like this template, click Use this template. It will be added to your workspace, and you’ll be taken directly to the Create panel, where you can edit it:


The template theme will also be added to My themes under the Design tab for that typeform. 

Tip! If you’d like to use the design of a template only, all you have to do is click Use this template, remove all the questions and use the template as a shell to build your own.

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