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Customize your link settings and meta information

Want to customize the text and image that appear when you share your typeform on social media or in messenger apps? You can do so easily by editing the meta information and, for example, adding a 'noindex' tag to your typeform.

If you're on a paid plan, you can make adjustments by clicking Customize link in the Share panel, as you can see in this screenshot:


If your typeform hasn't been published yet, you can also click Publish in the Create panel and choose Link Settings from the pop-up menu:


Either action will open the Link preview settings:


Meta image

Here you can add the preview image that you want to appear when your typeform gets shared on social media sites or messenger applications (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc.).

You can remove or change this image later on.

Meta Title

By default, this will be the name of your typeform. You can edit it here.

Meta description

This is where you edit the text description that will be displayed as the preview text in search result pages, social media sites, and messenger applications.

Allow indexing?

By flicking the switch you can enable or disable indexing. When enabled, it allows search engines like Google to index your typeform so it will appear in search results.

If the option is disabled (which is the default setting) it will add a ‘noindex’ meta tag in the typeform’s HTML code and ensure that search engines don’t index the page. Therefore, it will not appear in search results. Be aware that changes to your meta description can take between four days and two weeks to be reflected in search engine results.

Your new changes will save automatically.

Examples of how meta information displays

When sharing on Facebook, the post looks like this:


When sharing on Twitter, the post looks like this:


I edited my meta information, but it’s not showing properly!

If you edit your typeform’s meta information after sharing it, it might take some time for this to be reflected on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Line and others.

To speed up the process, duplicate your typeform, make sure the meta information is correct, and share it again on your chosen platform.

On some apps, like Whatsapp, for example, you can open the apps settings and choose clear cache. This will allow the new meta information to appear on your device.

Custom link

By default, all typeform URLs have the form "form.typeform.com/to/abcdef", where "abcdef" is a unique string of six characters. This is the form's unique ID.

On Typeform Plus and higher plans, if you've already set up a custom subdomain, you can also create a personalized form URL under Custom link. Replace the string at the end of your link (everything to the right of ".com/") with whatever you want, as long as it's between 5 and 15 characters and made up of letters, numbers and hyphens:


As you can see from the screenshot above, when embedding your typeform in a web page, make sure to use the standard link, which you can always get by clicking Get the standard link for oEmbeds.

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