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Advanced embed options

If you want to choose how your audience interacts with your embedded typeform in a popup, a slider, a popover or a side tab, the advanced embed feature is for you.

Advanced embed options and Close embed on completion are available on our Business plan.

To set up your advanced embed:

1. Go to the Share panel and select Popup, Slider, Popover or Side tab as your embed type:


2. Alternately, if your typeform hasn't yet been published, click Publish from the Create panel and choose Popup, Slider, Popover, or Side tab in the pop-up sharing menu:


3. Now you’ll see Advanced settings. Click the arrow next to it to see your embed options:


4. Toggle the switch next to Custom launch options or Close on submit to enable the settings:


5. Click the arrow to open the dropdown list and select one of the options:


6. Toggle the Close on submit switch. If this option is enabled, the typeform will automatically close after the repsondent has submitted their answers. Now you’ll see a counter where you can type or use the arrows to enter the number of seconds after which your typeform will close following submission.


7. When you’re happy with your advanced settings, hit Get the code:


8. Copy the code and paste it in a website to embed your typeform.


You’re good to go. Now when people open the page your typeform is embedded into, they’ll see it according to your advanced settings. For example, your typeform will appear when they load the page, and it will close automatically 5 seconds after they submit it.

Note! If you change these advanced settings, to get the changes to appear on your website, you must copy the code again. Then replace the old Typeform embed code in your website with your new version.

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