Smart insights into your results

Smart Insights uses AI to analyze your results and provide a high-level overview of your data through user-friendly dashboards.

For Smart Insights to interpret your responses, the following criteria must be met:

- The form is set to English.

- You’ve received a minimum of 25 responses to the form.

- The form contains at least 2 non-open-ended question types (question types with pre-determined answers. For example, Multiple-Choice and Rating.)

- When setting up your Typeform account, you specified the following in the survey:

  • What is your company size? You answered with a company size of 10 or more.
  • What’s the one main activity you want to do with Typeform? You answered with one of the following:
    • - Conduct research
    • - Generate leads, get sign-ups, or recruit talent
    • - Get feedback

View Smart Insights

The Smart Insights report will be generated 48 hours after you’ve received your 25th response. To view Smart Insights, head over to the Results panel of your typeform and click Smart Insights.

smart insights01.png

You’ll also receive an email notifying you when your first Smart Insights report is ready for your form. Click on See your insights to be taken to your report in your Typeform account.

smart insights02.png

Filter your report

The Smart Insights report updates every 48 hours, and you can change the timeframe of the results by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting the timeframe you’d like to view.

smart insights03.png

Understanding your dashboards

Responses to a question will be displayed in a chart, turning your responses into a visual representation. Below the chart, you’ll find some key points generated by AI that’ll give you a quick analysis of your results.

smart insights04.png

Hover over the (?) icon to view which question in your form the results came from.


The following question types are supported for Smart Insights:

- Yes/No


- Opinion Scale

- Rating

- Dropdown

- Multiple Choice (single or multiple selection)

- Picture Choice

Note! AI decides which questions in your form to use in the Smart Insights report, therefore, some questions might not be included.

The Smart Insights report will be disabled if your form hasn’t received any new responses within 3 months.

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