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Smart Insights into your results

Smart Insights uses AI to analyze your results and provide a high-level overview of your data through user-friendly dashboards. You can also ask additional questions about your results and the AI will reply with further insights and charts.

For Smart Insights to interpret your responses, the following criteria must be met:

- The form is set to English.

- You’ve received a minimum of 25 responses to the form in the last 90 days.

- The form contains at least 2 non-open-ended question types (question types with pre-determined answers. For example, Multiple-Choice and Rating.)

Smart Insights is available on Enterprise and Growth plans. Check out all our plans here

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Safeguarding customer data

View Smart Insights

Filter your report

Understanding your dashboards

Ask AI

Safeguarding Customer Data

At Typeform, we're committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and security. We’ve incorporated a question filter into Smart Insights to identify and exclude any question types that could contain personally identifiable data (PII), like email addresses, phone numbers, or open-ended text responses. This filter ensures that sensitive respondent data is not exposed to external language models. Go to the Understanding your dashboards section for a list of all supported question types.

Additionally, we avoid sharing individual-level data and instead use aggregated data for generating reports. For example, instead of revealing the age group of a specific respondent, we provide summary insights, such as “10 respondents are in the 20–30 age group. This method allows us to provide valuable insights while protecting the confidentiality of customer data.

View Smart Insights

Smart Insights reports are generated 24 hours after your form is published and all criteria is met (scroll to the top of this article for a breakdown of the criteria). To view Smart Insights, head over to the Results panel of your form and click Smart Insights. When you open the report for the first time, you'll see a loading screen that looks like this.


Once loaded, you'll be taken to your report.


Filter your report

Click the Refresh button to update your report.


You can also change the timeframe of the results by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting the timeframe you’d like to view.


Understanding your dashboards

Responses to a question will be displayed in a chart, turning your responses into a visual representation. Below the chart, you’ll find some key points generated by AI that’ll give you a quick analysis of your results.

The AI insights summary provided along each chart is only available on the Last 90 days timeframe.


Hover over the (?) icon to view which question in your form the results came from.


The following question types are supported for Smart Insights:

- Yes/No


- Opinion Scale

- Rating

- Dropdown

- Multiple Choice (single or multiple selection)

- Picture Choice

Note! AI decides which questions in your form to use in the Smart Insights report; therefore, some questions might not be included.

The Smart Insights report will be disabled if your form hasn’t received any new responses within 3 months.

Ask AI

If you want to delve deeper into your data, Ask AI lets you pose questions and extracts insights from your responses, in a flexible, natural way.

In the box at the bottom of your screen, type in a question you have about your results and click Generate. AI will analyze your data and provide an answer, showing a chart if relevant.

2024-05-15_12-24-41 (1).gif

Use the thumbs up or thumbs down buttons to let us know if the response was helpful or not. Your feedback helps us improve your experience.


You can save your questions and responses from AskAI to your Smart Insights report by clicking Add chart to report


This gives you quick access to your most important questions without having to AskAI again. You can remove insights from your report when you don't need them anymore. 


Note! You must have "can edit" permissions or be the workspace Owner to see and use this button. If you only have "can view" permissions, you cannot add or remove charts from reports. Learn more about workspace roles here.

In our form, we’re gathering customer feedback for our Indian restaurant. We asked the AI: “Which dish should we make more of, and which dish should we stop making?”

The AI analyzed the feedback and responded: “The dish to make more of is Chana Masala, as it has the highest total count of 636. The dish to consider stopping is Palak paneer, as it has the lowest count among the named dishes at 557. The skipped or unanswered count is negligible and does not significantly impact the analysis.”

A bar chart accompanied the response, illustrating the popularity of each dish clearly, and making it easier to understand customer preferences at a glance.


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