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Typeform for Growth

Introducing Typeform for Growth—a powerful suite of features designed to help businesses capture, engage, and convert more leads to boost revenue growth.

What are the benefits of Typeform for Growth?

Typeform for Growth gives you access to these exclusive features:

- Video questions: Record videos to ask questions in your form for more personalized engagement. Find out more about adding video questions to your form here.

- Video answers: Respondents can answer your questions by recording videos, creating a deeper connection. Learn how to collect video answers from respondents here.

- Data enrichment: Enrich email addresses that you’ve collected in your form with third-party data. With automated B2B Data enrichment, you can collect information like company name and job title, without asking for it. Reduce the number of questions you ask and collect deeper insights from your respondents. More information on Data enrichment can be found here.

- Use enrichment variables to score and qualify leads: Use logic on enriched data to qualify and segment leads as they fill out your form. More information on how to segment leads can be found here. If you’re new to lead scoring and qualification, or need additional support, take advantage of our AI feature for scoring and qualifying leads.

- Send follow-ups based on score or segment: Send customized follow-up emails to respondents based on the score or segment you’ve assigned them to. Learn how to send follow-up emails here.

- Spam prevention: Protect your form from spam and bot submissions by enabling Google’s reCAPTCHA. Learn more here.

- Smart insights & Ask AI: Get a high-level overview of your data with AI-generated dashboards. Plus, you can ask AI to analyze your data set to extract specific information that you're looking for. Find out more about Smart insights & Ask AI here.

- Prevent duplicate responses: Reduce the amount of multiple responses from the same respondent. Learn more here. Feature is only available on Growth Pro and Growth Custom plans.

What are the different Typeform for Growth plans and what are the usage amounts for each plan?

Typeform for Growth consists of 3 different plan options:

- Growth Essentials

- Growth Pro

- Growth Custom

Each of the 3 plans contains all the features listed in the section above. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the available usage amounts for each Typeform for Growth plan:

Growth Essentials
Growth Pro
Growth Custom
Video questions/answers*
100 mins & 10,000 views/month
500 mins & 50,000 views/month
Data enrichment**
Spam prevention
3 5 5 (starting)
Other features
All features included in the Plus plan
All features included in the Business plan

All features included in the Enterprise plan

* Minutes are counted when a video question or answer is recorded and uploaded to the form, regardless of whether the form is published or not. Video minutes are counted by the second and we convert the total count of seconds into minutes.

** Each enriched response will count towards your monthly limit. A response is considered enriched when you see the enriched data in your Results section. If a respondent abandons the form before submission, this will not count toward your enriched limit. If you’ve reached your enrichment limit, future responses will not be enriched.

Note! If you downgrade to a plan without Data enrichment, previous responses with enriched data will still be accessible in the Responses section of your results and in your responses export, as long as the enrichment variables have been added to the form.

How do I subscribe to one of the Typeform for Growth plans?

If you’d like to subscribe to the Growth Essentials or Growth Pro plan, log into your account and head over to the Plan & Billing section to upgrade your subscription. More detailed instructions can be found here.

If you’d like to subscribe to the Growth Custom plan, click here to get in touch with our Sales team. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to set up a custom solution for your team’s needs.

If you're currently on an Enterprise plan and would like to subscribe to a Typeform for Growth plan, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

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