Schedule Calendly appointments with Typeform

Let people book appointments from a typeform by connecting to the Calendy app.

Create an Appointments question in the Typeform builder, and connect it to your Calendly account. People answering the form can book appointments with you in Calendly from the typeform, and send a meeting invite when they submit the form.

Here’s what you’ll need:

If you don't have a Calendly account yet, you can also create one while connecting to the app.

Here’s how to set up it up:

1. Open up your typeform, click + to add a new question, and select Calendly.


Or, if you switched from a different question type to a Calendly question, click Connect in the right-hand panel.


2. Click Authenticate to connect your Calendly account.


3. Enter the email address of your Calendly account and click Continue.


If you don't have a Calendly account yet, just click Sign up to create one.

4. Click Log in with Google.


5. Select the Google account you’ll be using with Calendly.


6. Now it’s time to adjust your meeting settings. First, choose an event type from the dropdown list.


Note that you will only be able to schedule personal event types, and not team event types. 

7. Choose to show or skip the Calendly event details (Calendly account name, name of event, and length of event) in your typeform.


8. When you’re happy with your settings, click Save.



A new Calendly question linked to your calendar is now in your typeform.


You can tweak its design and make it more personal, or toggle the Required switch to make the Calendly question required. 


If you already have a question asking for name and email in your typeform, you can also recall that information in the Calendly invite.


This way, you don’t have to ask for the contact information of your respondents twice. The Name and Email fields will be automatically populated in the Calendly invite based on people’s responses in your typeform:


When people submit your form, you’ll see their contact information in your Calendly invite and in the Results panel of your typeform.

Your respondents won't see the typeform's Ok, Continue, or Submit buttons when they're interacting with a Calendly question in the form. They'll automatically proceed to the next question or submit the typeform once they schedule their Calendly event with you.

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