Export your responses

You can download all your data to a spreadsheet in Excel (XLS) or CSV file formats. This is useful for doing further analysis, or for merging data from multiple forms.

Download your responses

1. Open your form from your Workspace, and click on Results, then Responses.


Use the checkbox in the header row to select all responses, and click Download selected responses


You can also click the download icon in the top right of the table.


2. Now a window will pop up, offering the option to download your responses in either a CSV or XLS format. Choose the option you want, then click the Download button.


3. Your results file will be downloaded to your browser’s default download folder, unless you specify otherwise.

4. Alternatively, select only the responses you want to download, by checking the individual responses you want, then clicking Download selected responses.


You can also search your responses, and choose to download any responses that match the search term you've entered.


You can also search your responses, and choose to download any responses that match that term.


5. Open your downloaded file in the application of your choice, like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, and you’ll be able to view and study your responses however you want.

Note! If you use a Yes/No question, responses will appear as 1 for yes and 0 for no in the CSV/XLS file. Questions that cannot collect responses are not shown. Therefore, Welcome and Thank You screens, Statement and Question Group titles do not appear in your responses. Question Group sub-questions do appear (unless they are Statements).
Note! For Multiple Choice questions with multiple selection enabled, the question itself won't be shown as a column when downloading to CSV/XSLX. Instead of having empty columns for these questions, the answer choices will be shown in separate columns.

Download file uploads

If you have a File Upload question on your form, you can download all files people have sent you, by selecting The files your respondents uploaded option, then clicking the Download button.


You can download individual files one by one by opening a response from the Responses tab. Click the expand icon to do this.


Then, scroll to the File Upload question and click the file link.


Currently, you cannot download a selection of files from the Responses tab. If you want to download a selection of files, go to the Summary tab, scroll to your File Upload question, and click on the links you want to download.

Expecting thousands of responses?

If you are expecting thousands of responses, we recommend setting up our Google Sheets integration, so you get all your responses directly sent to a Google Sheet. You can also send up to 1,000 existing responses from your form to Google Sheets!

If you're approaching 10,000 responses, you may find the download responses feature gets very slow, or even crashes. We are working to improve this, but in the meantime, if you want to download a large number of responses, you can filter them by question and download them in batches.

Export your responses as PDF

We do not currently allow full responses to be exported as PDFs. When printing a summary report of your responses or printing an individual response, however, you can create PDFs by setting the print destination to Save as PDF

Schedule regular email reports

You can schedule regular reports via email using Digest by Zapier. Read our complete instructions to setting it up for your forms.

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