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Business survey templates


Beta product feedback survey template

Understand where you need to improve by asking beta testers for their insights


Branding questionnaire template

Get insights to navigate the market and build your brand

Business Impact Survey Thumbnail

Business impact survey template

Assess how businesses are being affected by major change

Thumbnail Churn Survey

Churn survey template

Find out why customers are leaving you – and prevent future churn


Customer onboarding feedback survey template

Make your customer success team even stronger by getting feedback on them direct from the customer

Customer Retention Survey Thumbnail

Customer retention survey template

Discover what keeps your clients coming back

Customer Service Satisfaction Survey Thumbnail

Customer service satisfaction survey template

Get feedback on your customer service interactions using this simple online survey template

Thumbnail Customer Story Questionnaire

Customer success story questionnaire template

Ask your customers how they use your product – and use their story to inspire others

thumbs46 demographics

Demographic survey questionnaire template

Know your audience and grow your business

thumbs44 employee engagement

Employee engagement survey template

Get the bigger picture to improve your business where it counts

Motivation Survey Template Thumbnail

Employee motivation survey template

Discover how to improve your team's motivation levels with this interactive feedback survey


Employee on-boarding survey template

Improve your on-boarding with an interactive survey

Gym Satisfaction Survey Thumbnail

Gym satisfaction survey template

Find out how to improve your facilities and keep your gym patrons happy

Help Desk Feedback Survey Thumbnail

Help desk feedback survey template

Find out how well your staff are providing support and help

Hotel Feedback Survey Template Thumbnail

Hotel feedback survey template

Will your guests be coming back? Find out how you can improve guest satisfaction

thumbs31 job sastifaction

Job satisfaction survey template

Find out how to make your workplace a happy one with this stylish survey

Community Needs Assessment Survey Thumbnail

Online community needs assessment survey template

Get insights into what your community need with an easy to build online template

Organizational Culture Survey Thumbnail

Organizational culture survey template

Discover how your company culture is perceived by your workforce

Podcast Survey Thumbnail

Podcast survey template

What do your listeners want to hear about? Create a simple online form to find out.

Price Sensitivity Survey Thumbnail

Price sensitivity survey template

Get the feedback you need to price your product correctly


Product feedback survey template

Use insights you get from this survey to fuel product growth

restaurant customer satisfaction survey template Thumbnail

Restaurant customer satisfaction survey template

Get honest feedback from customers on your food, service, and restaurant vibe

Restaurant Feedback Survey Thumbnail

Restaurant feedback survey template

Find out what your diners really think with a simple online form

SaaS Onboarding Survey Thumbnail

SaaS onboarding survey template

A SaaS onboarding survey to kick off a winning customer relationship

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