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Blacklisted and whitelisted subdomains

A custom subdomain lets you personalize your typeform URLs, while making sure that no one else can use your subdomain to impersonate you. This way you can represent your brand better, and we can prevent phishing attacks.

Sounds great, but how does this actually work?

Phishing attacks happen when bad guys try to use your or your brand’s name in their Typeform URLs. They trick people into thinking that you contacted them, and collect their data by impersonating you. This can damage both your and Typeform’s reputation.

To prevent this from happening we’ve blacklisted Fortune 500 brands and subdomains that have previously been flagged as phishing accounts. 

When you create a custom subdomain, you can ask for that subdomain to be whitelisted. For example, if you work at a Fortune 500 company, only you will be able to use the company’s name in a Typeform URL.

Note! Custom subdomain is available on Plus plans or above. If you’re on a Free or Basic plan, you can choose a standard subdomain from the research, form, survey or quiz options.

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