How to get help

Having issues with your typeform? Not sure how to fix it or who to ask? We’re here to help! Read on to find out how to get help tailored to your needs.

Here’s what you can do and who you can contact:

Do some technical troubleshooting

The most common technical issues are browser-related. To check if your typeform works without browser plugins and cache, open it in a new Incognito window.

If the form works in Incognito, follow these steps to troubleshoot your browser. If opening the form in Incognito didn't help, you can still find further troubleshooting steps in the article above.

Help your respondents

If your respondents are having issues completing your typeform, you can lend a helping hand by sharing this troubleshooting article with them.

Search the Help Center

You’ll find answers to (most of) your Typeform-related questions by browsing through the categories or simply searching for keywords in our Help Center.

You can also check out these helpful articles:

Contact Support (customer service)

If troubleshooting and the above resources didn’t help, just reach out to Support here. Note that you'll be prompted to log into your account before being redirected to the Contact Support form.

After selecting your category, try to be mindful of the following:

  • Add all relevant information, like your form ID, to your email.
  • Show us your error code or attach a screen recording. You can use this free tool to do so.

Having all of the above information will help us provide a more tailored solution and speed up our response times.

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