Edit your form in draft mode

Ever wondered how you can edit a live form without people seeing that you’re in the middle of typing a new question? Do you want to make sure that you only publish content that you’ve thoroughly proofread? Draft mode takes care of this for you - it's like a sandbox, where you can test out your form before publishing changes.

Draft mode is great for editing a live typeform without taking it offline:

- Edit your typeform, and publish it only after you’ve completed all the updates.

- Allow people to send responses to your live typeform while you’re doing minor edits.

You’ll find the draft mode tools for viewing your typeform in the upper right corner of the Create panel.

draft1 (1).png

Click the eye icon next to the Publish button to check out what your typeform will look like with the changes, and use the back arrow to close the Preview version:


Once you start making changes, the Publish button will become active again. While all your changes are saved automatically, you need to click Publish for the changes to go live. (Your typeform URL will stay the same!) 

Tip! To undo recent changes, like typing in an unpublished typeform, use Command+Z. You can't use this method to undo changes like adding a new question.

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