How to connect your form to other apps

Here’s a short overview of the different ways you can hook up your typeform with integrations.

You can set up integrations in the following ways:

  • By importing an existing Google document or form into a typeform
  • By browsing for apps in the Connect panel of your typeform
  • By creating a Calendly question in your typeform

Read on for a visual guide on how to find these options.

Import a document into a typeform

Do you already have a form or document that you can’t wait to turn into a beautiful typeform? The wait is over: you can now import them into a typeform with our Google integrations. 

Here’s how to get started with importing:

1. Log into your Typeform account, and click + Create typeform in your Workspace.


2. Click Import questions.


3. You can copy and paste your questions and answer choices from Google Docs directly into the text field.


Or if you want to import your questions from Google Forms, then click on the Import them link.


For step-by-step tutorials, you can check out our Import questions into Typeform from external sources and Google Forms importer articles.

Find your favorite app in the Connect panel

You can browse through our partner apps and hook up your typeform with most of our integrations by hitting the Connect button.

For a clever shortcut - without opening the form - click the three dots on a typeform in your Workspace, then choose Connect.


This will take you to the list of our integrations.

You can get to the same place if you open your typeform, and click on the Connect panel.


Here you can scroll down or search for your favorite apps, or use the Categories to find what you’re looking for.

Here are some step-by-step guides to our most popular integrations:

Add a Calendly question

With the Calendly question, you can let your respondents schedule meetings with you in your Calendly calendar from a typeform.

Open up a typeform and click +, then scroll down to Calendly and click it to connect your typeform to the app.


You can find our step-by-step guide about scheduling meetings with Calendly here.

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