Activate cookie consent

You can activate cookie consent from your typeform settings. Click the gear icon in the right-hand sidebar of the Create panel, then click the toggle next to Cookie consent to activate this option for your typeform.


After you’ve activated cookie consent and published your typeform, your respondents will see a banner across the bottom of the form asking them to accept Typeform cookies:


Respondents can click the three-dot icon on the banner for more details about the policy:


Activating cookie consent also means that all tracking cookies—including third-party cookies used by integrations—will be blocked until respondents choose to accept cookies in the cookie consent banner.

This includes tracking cookies from integrations like Facebook Pixel (Advertising and Functional), HubSpot (Advertising), or Google Analytics (Analytical). You can check which integrations you have set up on a typeform in the list view of your workspace.

Cookie consent is activated instantly, so if your respondent has answered some of your questions before activating cookie consent, the cookies of the responses before activation will not be tracked. 

We recommend that you activate the cookie consent toggle in the interest of transparency, as well as to comply with any legal requirements about respondent data collection that apply to you.

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