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Right to access your data

GDPR gives you the right to know what personal information companies are holding about you. So, if you have a Typeform account, you also have the right to request all personal and supplementary information we hold about you.

We now offer everyone with a Typeform account a summary of all the information we have in our systems, including anything shared with third-party tools. (Here are all the third-party tools we work with)

How to get your data

To make a ‘right to access’ request, contact us via this link (choose the option ‘Other’). Use the email address you used to create your Typeform account, and we’ll send you a list of all the personal data and supplementary information we hold about you as soon as we can.

If you need more details about a particular data point, or some help understanding the summary we’ve sent you, please contact us again and our Support team will be happy to help. In some particularly complex cases, we may have to charge for digging out this data, though we’ll try to avoid this.

Tip! If you create a typeform, you are responsible for the data you collect. So when you respond to a typeform, the data you supply is the responsibility of the creator, not Typeform. This means if you want to request access to answers you gave to a typeform, you have to contact the creator of that typeform. Find out more in this article.

Want to learn more about other GDPR data subject rights, or privacy in general? Check out this article.

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