Do test responses count towards my response limit?

Any responses you create or receive through a published typeform will count towards your response limit. This means that if you have a response limit of 100 monthly responses and receive 3 responses to a typeform, you will have 97 responses remaining for the month. This is also true for responses that have been submitted as “tests” by the form’s creator.

If you delete a response, the response will not be deducted from the total responses you have collected for that month. This means that if you have a response limit of 100 monthly responses, collect 3 responses, then delete those responses, you will still have 97 responses remaining for the month.

Furthermore, you won’t be able to see the content of deleted responses on Typeform - see this page to learn more about what happens when responses are deleted.

Response limits automatically reset every month. Unfortunately, Typeform cannot manually reset or expand your response limit if you have collected test responses through a published typeform.

How to test your typeform

To test that your typeform works properly without collecting actual responses, open the form in the Create panel.

Click the Preview button (eye icon) in the upper right of the page:


Now, you can test your typeform’s flow as a live preview, and try answers without creating responses.


You can use this functionality even after your typeform has been published.

If you feel confident about editing your typeform's URL, you can also try this trick to test your typeform without creating an entry.


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