Create new forms by importing from Google Forms

Ever created a Google Form that you now wish was a typeform? You can make your wish come true and turn a form you created with Google Forms into a typeform in just a few clicks. Read on to find out how.

Before starting the import, make sure that the Google Form you wish to use has been published. To import a Google Form into a typeform:

1. Click + Create typeform in your Workspace, under the Workspace name.


2. Click Import questions.


3. In the Already have forms created on Google Forms? message, click the Import them link.


4. Click Authenticate to connect to your Google account.


5. Select the Google account you want to use for the integration.


6. Click Allow.


7. Select the Google Form you want to import from the dropdown list.


8. Edit the name of your typeform, if you want to, then click Create form.


Now you’ll see a message that your typeform is ready...


...and you’ll be taken straight to your new typeform, where you can start editing it.


The Google Forms Importer integration currently has the following limitations:

- Background images and question images will not be imported from Google Forms.

- Section Headers in Google Forms will be imported as Statement questions into the typeform.

- File Upload questions set to required in Google Forms will not be imported as required into the typeform.

- Time questions in Google Forms will be imported as Short Text questions into the typeform.

- Logic, scores and calculations will not be imported.

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