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How does Typeform manage logs?

A regular monitoring program is key to managing risk in an organization.

One of the main benefits of security monitoring is the early identification of wrongdoing or new security vulnerabilities. Early identification can help block wrongdoing or vulnerabilities before harm can be done. Other benefits include audit compliance, service level monitoring, performance measuring, limiting liability, and capacity planning.

Where possible we always try to log any input validation failures when checking the data provided by any user in the platform. We also log an extensive range of system, application, regulatory, and third-party-related access, activity and error messages.

Typeform’s logs and our complex system of correlation and alarms are set up and maintained to help us protect every single line of information our customers entrust us with. And we take it very seriously.

Currently, we don't provide these logs for our customers, as the system is designed for internal use.

However, we are currently working on making access and activity logs available for each customer account. We’ll notify you as soon as this option is available.

Thank you for your understanding. 

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