UTM tracking

UTM tracking is a marketing tool that lets you understand what is driving traffic to your typeforms by adding information to your URL.

UTM is a code snippet in your typeform URL that shows you the source of your responders. The parameters you can track are source, medium, campaign, term and content. For example, you can use &utm_source=facebook to track your responses coming from Facebook.

You can add UTM tracking to your typeform in Settings (gear icon), located in the Create panel. 


Enable the parameters you want to track and click Save:


When you're ready to share your typeform URL, go to the Share panel and copy the share link:


Paste the link where you plan on using it and replace the XXXXX strings with the values you want to use.

If you're embedding your typeform, you'll be able to specify UTM values before generating your embed code. Read more about embedding typeforms here.

You can check for these values in your analytics reports to gain insights on the marketing performance of your typeform. Learn how to connect your typeform to Google Analytics here.


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