Business plan

With a Business plan, you can dive deep into the power of data to optimize your typeforms’ performance. View question-level insights, connect your typeform to integrations like Google Analytics and Salesforce, and expand your team’s collaboration capabilities. 

Want to take full advantage of the benefits of Typeform with VIP support, unlimited team sizes, and more custom options? Click here to reach out to our Sales team about Enterprise solutions, and we’ll be in touch.

What are the benefits of Business?

A Business subscription gives you access to all features included on the Free, Basic, and Plus plans, as well as:

  • File Upload expansion: Collect up to 4 GB in file uploads on Typeform. 
  • 10,000 responses per month: Collect up to 10,000 responses a month across all forms.
  • Team collaboration: Invite up to 4 additional users to join your Workspace.
  • Expanded integration possibilities: Integrate your typeforms with Salesforce, as well as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Google Tag Manager.
  • Advanced embed settings: Set custom launch options for your embedded forms and enable form closing after completion.
  • Question-by-question insights: Analyze data on form drop-off rates, helping you to redesign and improve your typeform.
  • Auto-close to new responses: Easily manage your typeforms by setting them to close automatically after reaching a certain number of responses, or after a certain date.
  • Priority support: Interact with Typeform Support through live chat and prioritized email requests.

Users on a Business plan can view all plan features on their Plan & billing page, located under Settings

Get priority support

Contact a support representative using live chat support. If you contact our Support team through email, we’ll prioritize your request. (Be sure to use the email address associated with your account, so we can recognize you!)

Can I get more than 10,000 responses?

You can buy up additional monthly responses (up to 50,000 total) by logging into your Typeform account, clicking the icon in the top right corner, and going to Settings


Choose Plan & billing from the left-hand menu, and click Change my plan.

On the next screen, you can choose how many monthly answers you’d like. If you need more than 50,000, choose the >50k option and click the black Contact Sales team button to set up a custom solution.


Click Continue to move on to payment. You’ll be billed the difference so that you can start using the higher number of answers immediately, and the new price will apply to further billing cycles.  

How can I add team members to my account? 

Add up to 4 additional team members by logging into your account, clicking the icon in the top right corner, and going to Settings.


Then, click Team management. Enter the emails of the team members you’d like to add, and you’re good to go!


Note: Want a team with more than 5 members? Click Increase team size to contact Sales about plan upgrade options.

What are the team features of a Business plan? 

  • Collaborate seamlessly with your team: Manage access to multiple Workspaces with multiple users.
  • Add anyone with a Typeform account: Invite users to create, edit, and view typeforms in your selected Workspaces without sharing your email and password.
  • Consolidated billing: Add users to your account while conveniently handling billing in one payment.
  • Manage permissions: Use Workspaces to assign different permissions to your team members.
Note: Business team members will be able to use Business features in workspaces that a Business user has invited them to, but their own accounts will not be upgraded if they are on a lower plan.

How can I subscribe to a Business plan?

Log into your account, click the icon in the top right corner, and go to Settings


Choose Plan & billing from the left-hand menu, and click Change my plan (or Upgrade, depending on your current plan). 


Choose the Business option. If you’d like more than 10,000 responses a month, you can choose the response amount you need.


Note: Need more than 50,000 monthly responses? Choose the >50k option and click the Contact Sales team button.

You can also toggle from a monthly to yearly payment plan at the top of the screen. 

Click Continue to go on to a payment screen. 

How much does a Business plan cost?

You can subscribe to a Business plan for $99, billed monthly, or $990, billed yearly (which works out to around $83 per month). If you’re located outside of the US, prices are £79 monthly/£790 yearly, or €89 monthly/€890 yearly. 


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